Pleaseeeeee... a nice and easy chicken soup recipe

tets, Jun 11, 1:55am
I would love a nice and easy chicken soup recipe. I have googled it and can't find one that doesn't sound complicated. Something the kids would like, would be fab! ! !

indy95, Jun 11, 3:19am
tets, if you type "chicken soup" in the keyword box on the left of your screen, then choose "anytime" as the date posted option and hit search, you should find a good selection of recipes to choose from.

245sam, Jun 11, 3:40am
tets, another option for you... . . have a look at:- php? f=22&t=216

tets, Jul 25, 6:55pm
Thanks guys, i will have a look. Might be soup weather this weekend by the look of the weather forecast LOL