Help with my pumpkin soup

jellybeanbee04, May 25, 6:56am
Made pumpkin soup today in my crockpot (adapted some recipes I seen one here to what I liked the sound of). But its abit stringy/hairy. Have whizzed sticked it all up, but was all still in there. Did I not cut enough of the seed area out or was it something else?

margyr, May 25, 7:45am
probably the pumpkin, some are not nice and are stringy.

korbo, May 25, 8:14am
was ita green or grey pumpkin

poolgirl6, May 25, 9:17am
I agree you may have not taken the insides back to firm pumpkin flesh.
Would baking it in the oven first make it a better consistency, certainly adds to the depth of flavour?

pollypanner, May 26, 6:56am
worst thing to do is to boil the arse out of pumpkin. it looses all its flavour. you should cook until just barely soft

diana96, May 30, 8:11am
some pumpkin just suck, you cant do a thing with them but throw them out.

pickles7, Jun 20, 4:19pm
yeah the butter nutpumpkins this year tend to be very stringy, almost like a spaghetti squash

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