LAMB'S FRY!!!!!! Mmmmmmmmmmm.....

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rainrain1, Jul 24, 7:50am
Liver, bacon, gravy, mashed potatoes, and she's all farming here

suz71, Jul 24, 9:16am
towny here love lambs fry and bacon my mother soaked lambs fry in milk b 4 quickly frying yum looove steak and kidney and dumplings no like tripe my father did yucky texture

puppetman, Jul 24, 9:40am
You have just reminded me... My mother did as well!!! Do you also flour it?

suz71, Jul 24, 9:43am
yip she did i still do 2 it makes it nice and crunchy on out side and nice and soft pink inside omg im hungry now

meetee, Jul 24, 10:00am
Sweet and sour - slice lambs fry thinly, coat in flour and fry in a little butter with sliced onions and bacon, add water and tablespoon golden syrup, salt and pepper.Cook until lambs fry done, yummy!

puppetman, Jul 24, 12:13pm
So what was the milk for. Wow... a flashback. Thanks!

schnauzer11, Jul 24, 12:24pm
City girl's lamb's fry:Cut it medium.Fry quickly both sides in minimal oil.Very finely gratetwo teaspoons of the rind of an orange over it,then hand-squeeze the juice from both halves over.Put on lid and simmer gently.Take off the lid to evaporate,turning the meat.Fantastic.

punkinthefirst, Jul 24, 11:09pm
The taste is SOOOOO much better when it is fresh! Until 10 years ago I always lived on a farm. After a couple of purchases of lamb's fry from butchers, I've given up even thinking about cooking it, though I love it!

puppetman, Jul 25, 12:20am
That orange sounds mmmmmmmm... I'm gonna try it!

suz71, Jul 25, 5:47am
the milk tenderises and i think takes away strong taste

illusion_, Jul 25, 8:20am
forget what "everyone" says. they are wrong. that is thinking from 50 years ago.

sounds like you cooked it pretty much right. should be still pink, but not bleeding, inside. just cut a piece in the pan to check, but remember it will continue to cook a little after you remove it from the heat.

in the old days it was like boot leather. it SHOULD be pink, soft and "melt in the mouth"

auburn4, Jul 25, 9:41am
City girl from farming stock, wed a farmer. Have always loved lambsfry and our children love it too. As toddlers they would ask for lambsfry.
Love it sliced thinly, steeped in milk then drained,lightly floured then sauteed in butter with onions,bacon and mushrooms. The best I have ever tasted was several years ago at the Collingwood Tavern.

schnauzer11, Jul 25, 10:49am
Hopre you do-and,forgot to mention;really wicked if you chuck a bit of brown sugar over in the last few minutes!(not too much)

puppetman, Aug 5, 6:53am
Found the thread to try the orange style. :) Making sure I didn't forget anything. :)

maximus44, Aug 5, 8:12am
I was brought up on a farm and we ate liver(lambs fry) and I used to love sheeps brains. Tried cooking heart once but not so fussed about that.