Help making caramel tart!

antoniab, Jul 11, 5:05am
Making dark choccie & salted caramel tart for pudding but my caramel has buggered up - I followed the recipe correctly as follows:
Dissolve 1c caster sugar in1/3c water on low heat, increase heat to high, bring to a boil and cook for 10-15mins until mixture turns light toffe in colour.
Mine turn back to bloody powdered sugar, guess all the water evaporated!
Is this because I should have reduced the heat once it boiled and cooked for the 10-15mins, not kept it boiling as the recipe suggests.
Any help much appreciated, dont want to ruin another lot.

pickles7, Jul 11, 5:10am
did it ever turn to "toffee", before turning back to sugar???? that's where you went wrong!!!

davidt4, Jul 11, 5:13am
You have two options:

1.Add a tablespoon of water to your crystallised caramel and stir over gentle heat until it becomes liquid again.Boil until it reaches the right degree of caramelisation

2.Start again and this time, as the mixture boils,brush the sides of the pan with water to dissolve any crystals that form.Don't stir, just gently swirl it to even out the heat.

It is the uncaramelised crystals that turn the whole batch powdery if you stir it.

antoniab, Jul 11, 5:28am
Ah great thanks david - thought that may be the case as Ive seen them this on masterchef :)
Will try again now - do I drip the brush in fresh water to remove the crystals?

davidt4, Jul 11, 5:36am
Yes.Keep a cupful of cold water and a pastry brush next to the pan and brush the sides down frequently.

antoniab, Jul 11, 5:40am
Cool thanks very much :)

motorbo, Jul 11, 5:50am
it sounds devine

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