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white_elephant, Mar 19, 7:27pm
they are cheap and meaty. I get them from the people section at the supermarket so I'm curious to know how they would be cooked.

dezzie, Mar 19, 7:59pm
lol you casserole them.
I got some the other day as it happens, now all I need to do is hunt out the old 1956 kindergarten recipe book I scored when my grandma died and find the recipe, its got mixed spice in it from memory, and is quite delish! !

bedazzledjewels, Mar 19, 8:24pm
I cook mine in the crockpot. Gorgeous.

white_elephant, Mar 19, 8:26pm
Thanks dezzie, I could do them in the crock pot, like lamb shanks. Now I just have to get over the mental barrier that they are dogs meat and I certainly won't tell the kids.

lythande1, Mar 19, 8:38pm
Or if you get them still attached to your sheep, you can have the butcher fillet the neck instead. I have a great Italian recipe for slowcooked neck fillets. Yum.

motorbo, Mar 19, 9:40pm
my fave is to brown them then add water and cook for ages, once cooked skim off fat and i add carrots, peas, sultanas and curry powder and serve with potaoes and greens, yum yum

andrea1978, Mar 19, 10:45pm
My aunty makes them like this except without the extras. I think she just put onions and thyme? sprigs in the pot. Divine!

fisher, Mar 19, 11:17pm
They make a fabulous crockpot meal... spoiltdogs lol... mind you I buy two trays of chicken necks for our pups so cant talk :lol }}
Crock Pot Lamb Neck chops
Place chunks of potato, kumara, onion and carrot in the bottom of your crock pot. I like to par boil the spud, kumura and carrots for a few minutes. . Place the browned neck chops on top.
Break up a beef oxo cube on top and add a little salt and pepper.
Mix an oxtail packet soup mix with 1/2 cup of water and pour over. Lid on and low all day... .
Lift meat and veges out onto a bed of rice and place juices in saucepan. . taste testand add seasoning if required... add a mixture of cornflour and water to thicken... drizzle over chops and serve. .

fisher, Mar 19, 11:21pm
Crock Pot Lamb, Neck or shoulder chops
Place browned chops into crock pot and cover with the following, all premixed in jug.
Pinch salt. . white pepper. . 2tbsp flour. . 1tsp mustard. . 1 tbsp sugar. . 1/2 tsp ground ginger. . dollop of tomato paste. . 1 cup water. .
Lid on and low all day..., Mar 19, 11:42pm
They are not dogs meat!

at $14 for 4 measly cuts of neck here they are by far dog meat.

vailima1, Mar 20, 1:09am
Cooked in a hangi! ... Beutiful

bin-boy-lin, Mar 20, 1:10am
Getting away from the original question, but if people who have dogs would like cheap food. I buy chicken pet mince (ground up carcasses)
only $2 kilo at the Mad Butcher. They only have this on the weeks they have chicken on special, so it pays to get several blocks.
I boil up a block with diced potato, carrot, rice, pasta, crushed garlic and any stale bread. A decent size boil up lasts my dog between 10-12 days. The garlic keeps down the fleas, the rice cuts down the acidity in the urine which saves your garden.

white_elephant, Mar 20, 1:34am
At pac & Save in Wellington $15. 00 for 15 chops, my dogs are little so one chop = 1 meal and my dogs have perfect teeth.

geedubu, Mar 20, 1:54am
Casserole or curry (rogan josh or massaman)secret is (1) brown them first - douse in flour then brown (2) cook them low & slow. Outstanding food for humans, I've still got good teeth too but one chop a day doesn't do it for me.

dezzie, Mar 20, 4:44am
lol the reason I got some the other day is because they were $4. 99 a kilo at my local meat supplier.

kiwiscrapper1, Mar 20, 9:04am
pumpkin is also good for the acidity, its the females urine thatkills the grass and pumpkin stops this, but back to the subject of neck chops - do you feed them raw to the dogs or cooked, they cant have cooked lamb bones so do you take the bones out?

purplegoanna, Mar 20, 9:05am
crikey i get an 8-10pack for $5! lol

toadfish, Mar 20, 6:06pm
I see you are in Manukau Purplegoanna... . Where to you get them for that price? ? Always after a bargain lol.

white_elephant, Mar 20, 6:40pm
[do you feed them raw to the dogs or cooked, they cant have cooked lamb bones so do you take the bones out? [/quote]

Raw, I only ever feed bones raw. My dogs are little, toy and minature poodles and they manage them well, they also love chicken frames.

rainrain1, Mar 20, 6:51pm
If you freeze them first below a certain temperature they are OK to feed to dogs

muffycaz, Mar 21, 4:26am
If you are buying them for your dog DO NOT COOK THEM. Freeze them and then thaw out to give to them. Should never give cooked bones to dogs because they can splinter.

If you are cooking for yourself just casserole in the slow cooker. Make a lovely casserole with lots of veges thrown in

creeky1, Mar 21, 4:27am
all sheep meat needs to be cooked before being feed to dogs because of hydatids. Beef is fine raw.

rainrain1, Mar 21, 5:34am
Totally Vets - Sheep Measles, how to control this on farm. The cysts in the sheep meat can be killed by either cooking or freezing the meat. Worming dogs monthly with a suitable wormer will kill the adult tapeworm ... All offal should be cooked

rainrain1, Mar 21, 5:38am
ISPUB - Hydatid Cyst Of The Liver: A Case Report And Review Of The ... We here report a case of hydatid cyst of the liver with a brief review of the ... The hooklet-shaped structure does not polarize, and it is best seen with the ... . Prolonged freezing of meat or fully cooking can kill cysts in tissue. ...

rosesever, Mar 21, 8:44am
Our local butcher on great south road, manurewa sells the neck chops for $5 for about 8-10 chops, yummy we always casserole them, nice cheap yummy meal

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