Ideas to put in easter baskets

fishheadsoup, Mar 19, 6:15am
would like to make up some family easter baskets what are some yummy things to make to put in thanks

speedy_11, Mar 19, 6:59am

kiwiscrapper1, Mar 19, 7:20am
they are soooo cute, but its using a cake mix I dont think we have here?

auntlb, Mar 19, 8:10am
homemade hot cross buns, homemade marshmallow easter eggs, meringue 'nests' with bought candy eggs . .

fifie, Mar 19, 9:27am
Cup cakes with butter cream icing and a little caramel easter egg on top, or muffins with the caramel egg in the centre, along with your other goodies.

bjkiwi, Mar 19, 10:13am
I just google red velvet cake recipe and came up with heaps of "from scratch" recipes, might have a go at this myself tomorrow cos it looks awesome!

pickles7, Mar 19, 7:45pm
a bunny or two

speedy_11, Mar 21, 4:09am
I think it would probably work with any type of cake.

alebix, Nov 19, 3:55pm
You can make red velvet cake from a packet, just get a chocolate cake mix and add about half a bottle of red food colouring (no im not joking)... .

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