Help with making cheesecake please

brat27, Mar 18, 11:13pm
Hi there,
I tried making a lovely kaluha cheesecake last night. Recipe said 1 packet of gelatine... I had one unopened box of gelatine all in one packet, didnt think the recipe meant that much surely... . my mum said it must be that much so we used the lot & ended up from rubber cheesecake. Can someone please tell me the correct amount to use? Thanks! !

fruitluva2, Mar 18, 11:25pm php? f=19&t=483
Haven't looked up specifically so heres a link to search the one you require ( hope its there)

cap, Mar 18, 11:25pm
I make a Baileys cheesecake and it uses 3 teaspoons of gelatine.

brat27, Mar 18, 11:31pm
Thank you for all your help, I will try again today... . the trade me cooks link was awesome!

bexkee, Mar 18, 11:42pm
Good to see others make these mistakes. : ) One tip I do have re:gelatine is not to wait til it cools to add to the mix... (it can go a bit gluggy and make the mixture a bit tadpol~ish. )
It still works if you add it while still hot to the rest of the mixture. It will set once refrigerated.

greerg, Mar 19, 5:21am
Davis gelatine sometimes comes as several sachets in one box - it may have meant one sachet.

cookessentials, Nov 13, 10:04pm
1x packet is about 2 tsp I think - it usually tells you on the box. I do prefer a baked cheesecake.

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