chicken and corn soup, and chicken and vege

bengals, Mar 18, 9:02pm
soup. Any great recipes please?

winnie231, Mar 19, 12:47am
There's some good recipes in the chicken soup thread here: php? f=22&t=216

bengals, Mar 19, 1:39am
thank you winnie.

grouch, Nov 17, 1:00pm
I buy a cooked chicken from pak n save for $8. 00 something. I have two meals cooked with veges and gravy. I take the rest of the
chicken left and make it into soup. Its yummy. Melt 40g of butter in a saucepan and add one chopped up onion and saute. Add one can of creamed corn and one litre of good chicken stock. Add a couple of chopped spring onions and the left over chicken which has been shredded. Add seasonings to your taste. Lovely.

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