Thyme - fresh/dried..

celosia, Mar 18, 5:44am
my muffin recipe calls for 1 teaspoon fresh thyme but mine is dried - how much dried thyme should I use? I believe it is meant to be quite a lot less than fresh. Thanks for your help.

jag5, Mar 18, 5:45am
Dried is concentrated. I wouldn't go anymore than 1/2 tspn at most. 1/4 would probably suffice.

celosia, Mar 18, 6:08am
thanks jag5, yes the dried certainly has a strong aroma to it making it smell quite concentrated. Because I am making mini muffins I think I will go with your suggestion of just 1/4 tspn.

beaker59, Mar 18, 9:24am
Thyme grows really well in a pot on the deck or in the garden handy to the kitchen, somewhere warm sunny and not too wet. Grow some, you don't even need to buy it just grab a bit from someone elses it is sooo easy to divide.

celosia, Nov 12, 12:41am
Beaker59, I don't use a lot of herbs but the idea of a herb garden has always fascinated me. I might try a few in a pot tho as fresh is much better!

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