Poached eggs - how do the cafes do them?

Ours seem to fall apart but the cafe ones are always so neat.
Do they use a shallow pan or a deep pan? Tried asking the waitress - trade secret.

Chef_cheyenne2, Jan 9, 10:18 pm

Probably they use a ring and don't put the egg in till the water is boiling.

The other way is to bring a pot of water, with a dash of vinegar to a rolling boil. Hold your egg in one hand and start stirring the water with a wooden spoon to create a vortex in the middle. crack your egg into the vortex and keep rotating. The white will wrap itself around the yolk and you have a beautifully formed egg shaped poached egg.

I have tried this at home with limited success so it definitely takes practise. Also being able to watch a skilled person do it definitely helps.

Chef_buzzy110, Jan 9, 10:39 pm

Thanks Buzzy, I will give it a try

Chef_cheyenne2, Jan 9, 10:54 pm

ive cheated i brought an egg poacher pan, its wonderful even the kids can use it. its does 6 at a time, .

Chef_teddy147, Jan 9, 11:17 pm

There are some good videos on you tube if you want to take the time to look.

Chef_pamellie, Jan 9, 11:26 pm

This works, and the trick to making the eggs neat is to trim off the straggly bits after it is cooked. Most cafes poach the eggs in advance of service and store them, neatly trimmed, in cold water. They then just have to dunk them briefly in hot water to warm through before serving.

Chef_davidt4, Jan 9, 11:54 pm

I just do mine in a Pan of water (about 3" deep) with a bit of vinegar

Some turn out perfect some go all over the place, comes down to the freshness of the egg as well not just how you cook it...

But it doesn't bother me, messy egg or tidy egg. . all tastes the same in the long run ;o)

Chef_maxwell.inc, Jan 10, 12:00 am

You have hit the nail right on the head maxwell.

Chef_buzzy110, Jan 10, 12:31 am

Does the vortex method still work if you have 3 or more eggs though? And how long do you leave the eggs in so that the yolk is nice and runny? I just can't ever get it right! Bought a digital timer yesterday though... ...

Chef_mazzy1, Jan 10, 12:46 am

i tried jo seagers way recently they came out so good i was impressed

Chef_motorbo, Jan 10, 12:48 am

I just softboil my eggs and then shell them - why worry about all this cr@p?

Chef_uli, Jan 10, 12:50 am

Because, Uli, you can't beat a nice poached egg! Shelling a soft boiled egg just isn't the same.

Chef_mazzy1, Jan 10, 12:56 am

I just lift it with a slotted spoon and poke at it with my finger, I hate runny white, and not too keen on runny yolk either but normally get it so that when I press the yolk it leaves a small indent. . perfect for me (slightly runny yolk)

But then I cover the lot in an over powering sauce anyway, no choice. . The smell of eggs makes me sick (literally)

Chef_maxwell.inc, Jan 10, 12:59 am

Agreed, texture is different.

Chef_kirinesha, Jan 10, 1:04 am

taste too.

Chef_maxwell.inc, Jan 10, 1:05 am

Exactly! Nothing beats the joy of a perfectly seasoned runny (ish) poached egg on a nice piece of Vogels toast, washed down with a cup of Earl Grey. Ahhhh. Life is good.

Chef_mazzy1, Jan 10, 1:24 am

Face it Uli, you're just plain wrong.

Chef_kirinesha, Jan 10, 1:25 am

And grumpy - eat more eggs!

Chef_mazzy1, Jan 10, 1:29 am

In my experience shelling a soft boiled egg is impossible...

Chef_davidt4, Jan 10, 1:35 am

Ah well - Looks like I need to give you an example one of these days (whenever I get down to the shore again ... )

Chef_uli, Jan 10, 1:45 am

Wow really, That is a great idea if you have lots of people to cater for, will definitely be using that trick instead of having over/under done eggs or resorting to scrambled instead! LOL.

Chef_suie1, Jan 10, 3:51 am

Do share please!

Chef_suie1, Jan 10, 3:53 am

Don't hold back now ...

Chef_uli, Jan 10, 4:31 am

line a teacup with plastic wrap, drop egg into it and tie top (i used twisty ties) then pop egg wrapped in plastic wrap into boiling water, when you take it out and open it it has a wonderful shape and all gathered up top like a parcel

Chef_motorbo, Jan 10, 4:42 am

i have found that taking eggs from fridge to do poached eggs, make the whites all funny, but eggs that have been outta the fridge are ok. anyone else find this also.

Chef_korbo, Jan 10, 5:30 am

motorbo - wouldn't the boiling water melt the plastic wrap? OR do you put the teacup into the boiling water as well?

Chef_standard, Jan 10, 5:52 am

it's the eggs. The older the egg the more it will run or spread. Try a fresh farm egg and see the difference. The supermarket ones (even the free range) have all had a bit of travel time and storage time. I could not believe how much difference it made when we first got our own chooks, about 2 years ago. Plus there is a huge color difference.
The fresh eggs don't need any rings to keep shape and I often forget to to add vinegar to the water to set the white etc (which I used to do all the time before we got our chooks) they hold thier shape and they are beautiful. Try a farmers market for fresh eggs - even just once to give it a try and see and taste the difference. yum, yum yum!

Chef_thingone, Jan 10, 6:01 am

free range eggs kept at room temp boiling salted water in pan with a splash of vinegar fairly simple really.

But yeah I like soft boiled too in an egg cup with soldiers.

Chef_beaker59, Jan 10, 6:01 am

Eggs should be kept at room temperature, never put them in the fridge they will keep for up to 6 weeks on the shelf.

Chef_suie1, Jan 10, 8:14 am

Who keeps eggs in the fridge in the first place ? ? ?

Chef_uli, Jan 10, 9:05 am

I do mine in a cup in the microwave, just crack the egg in, cover with boiling water, usually for 40 sec to 1 min. perfect everytime and no messy pans.

Chef_debsaid, Jan 10, 7:37 pm

dont ask me why but no it doesnt melt in the time that is required to poach the egg

Chef_motorbo, Jan 11, 12:18 am

I always keep mine in the fridge! They have a longer shelf life in the fridge, of 42 days, but only 21 days in a warmer environment.

Chef_redrustie, Jan 11, 12:24 am

I've made steamed pudding wrapped in glad wrap to keep the cloth clean, to boil the mixture. It didn't melt, just made the glad wrap go a bit stiff oddly. Pudding tasted great too!

Chef_gaba1, Jan 11, 12:29 am

yeah they wouldn't make eggs racks for the fridges if they weren't made to be kept there... :}}}

Chef_fisher, Jan 11, 12:34 am

Dont think I would fancy eggs cooked in plastic wrap. Dosnt sound too healthy. I reckon they would use rings to cook eggs in at a commercial place.

Chef_jubre, Jan 11, 12:40 am

Check out the New Zealand egg site. Eggs keep best in the fridge.

http://www.eggs.org.nz/egg_facts. php

Chef_coolnzmum, Jan 11, 12:44 am

berk! If i ever went to a cafe and my egg took all of 3 mins I would ask them to take it back and cook fresh! how blardy awful having an egg thats been sitting in cold water. when we go to our cafe we always wait 10min or so til they cook it. they even tell us that we have to wait and of course its not a bother!

I always keep my eggs in the fridge as well.

i bought a poacher with little dishes so you put water in the main bit, the eggs in the dish bit then when the water boils put the other dish in and cover. 5 mins and they are perfect. I love poached eggs!

Chef_imn, Jan 11, 12:45 am

I always use fresh eggs, broken straight into just boiled (off the heat) shallow water (i use a deep frying pan) and break them gently as close to the water as possible. then i return to a low-medium heat until white is cooked and yolk is still soft. I always get compliments on my poached eggs!

Chef_redrustie, Jan 11, 12:45 am

I've wondered exactly the same. Went to an Asian shop for brekky one morning and the eggs looked sooooo neat . . no idea how they did it, should've asked at the time.

Chef_survivorr, Jan 11, 12:54 am

Jo Seagar is a wonderful cook and her recipes are always top notch. However, I reckon she doesn't give a fig about health and knows absolutely nothing about PBA (Bisphenol-A).

Having read the article in this weekend's Herald, about BPA I can confidently state that I am very very happy I don't use Glad Wrap much (one roll can last me all of two years) because I wouldn't want that stuff in my system. Even when I didn't know about PBA, the thought of cooking my food in it seemed like a dangerous thing to do.

Once again my instincts have proved me right.

Chef_buzzy110, Jan 11, 1:11 am

I only use eggs at room temp and have the water not bubbling but pretty hot, vinegar makes the white come together, I cook them ina cafe and we cook then when ordered not in advance. I have the water on all the time . They dont all come out perfect does depend on the freshness of the egg, someare better than others.

Chef_angie461, Jan 11, 6:04 am

i often find comments liek this amusing as its usually from people that do or have many other habits that are bound to not be healthy for them... im not saying you r one of them as i dont know u ... but its often the case, i did this way once and would do it again for a special occasion, its not something i would do every day, so i dont think it will kill me

Chef_motorbo, Jan 11, 7:19 am

motorbo - this is right. it will not kill you, but maybe it will interfere with the hormones of your kids. In case you are interested I would recommend you read the article - then you can comment a bit better on it:

http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article. cfm? c_id=1&obj

Chef_uli, Jan 11, 8:07 am

Also as I understand it the younger the hen the more likely the "yolk and white" are likely to hold together. At least one major hotel that I am aware of contracts to buy eggs from first year hens only. There are other factors as well as mentioned in previous posts.

Chef_ridgeline, Jan 11, 8:14 am

I cant wait... the chook motel is almost finished fencing is up to keep the dog out, now just need to find some nice chickies to lay me some nice fresh eggs.

Chef_kiwiscrapper1, Jan 11, 8:54 am

Why would you need to keep eggs longer than 21 days anyway? The fridge may make the shelf life longer but what is the cold temp doing to the nutrients in the egg?

Chef_suie1, Jan 11, 9:16 am

that is truly gross I have worked in numerous cafes and have never ever seen this done, you poach them like others have said with a bit of vinegar and they hold together well

Chef_wimwam1, Jan 11, 10:47 am

The cold temp does nothing to the nutrients in the egg! And as i have my own chickens, currently getting only 4-5 a day! , then Yes, i do need them to last! 21 days is only a guideline for non-refridgerated eggs and depends on the weather, but why run the risk of food poisoning and going against all advice on how to keep the eggs fresher for longer?

Chef_redrustie, Jan 11, 10:47 am