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cheyenne2, Jan 9, 10:18pm
Ours seem to fall apart but the cafe ones are always so neat.
Do they use a shallow pan or a deep pan? Tried asking the waitress - trade secret.

buzzy110, Jan 9, 10:39pm
Probably they use a ring and don't put the egg in till the water is boiling.

The other way is to bring a pot of water, with a dash of vinegar to a rolling boil. Hold your egg in one hand and start stirring the water with a wooden spoon to create a vortex in the middle. crack your egg into the vortex and keep rotating. The white will wrap itself around the yolk and you have a beautifully formed egg shaped poached egg.

I have tried this at home with limited success so it definitely takes practise. Also being able to watch a skilled person do it definitely helps.

cheyenne2, Jan 9, 10:54pm
Thanks Buzzy, I will give it a try

teddy147, Jan 9, 11:17pm
ive cheated i brought an egg poacher pan, its wonderful even the kids can use it. its does 6 at a time, .

pamellie, Jan 9, 11:26pm
There are some good videos on you tube if you want to take the time to look.

davidt4, Jan 9, 11:54pm
This works, and the trick to making the eggs neat is to trim off the straggly bits after it is cooked. Most cafes poach the eggs in advance of service and store them, neatly trimmed, in cold water. They then just have to dunk them briefly in hot water to warm through before serving.

maxwell.inc, Jan 10, 12:00am
I just do mine in a Pan of water (about 3" deep) with a bit of vinegar

Some turn out perfect some go all over the place, comes down to the freshness of the egg as well not just how you cook it...

But it doesn't bother me, messy egg or tidy egg. . all tastes the same in the long run ;o)

buzzy110, Jan 10, 12:31am
You have hit the nail right on the head maxwell.

mazzy1, Jan 10, 12:46am
Does the vortex method still work if you have 3 or more eggs though? And how long do you leave the eggs in so that the yolk is nice and runny? I just can't ever get it right! Bought a digital timer yesterday though... ...

motorbo, Jan 10, 12:48am
i tried jo seagers way recently they came out so good i was impressed

uli, Jan 10, 12:50am
I just softboil my eggs and then shell them - why worry about all this cr@p?

mazzy1, Jan 10, 12:56am
Because, Uli, you can't beat a nice poached egg! Shelling a soft boiled egg just isn't the same.

maxwell.inc, Jan 10, 12:59am
I just lift it with a slotted spoon and poke at it with my finger, I hate runny white, and not too keen on runny yolk either but normally get it so that when I press the yolk it leaves a small indent. . perfect for me (slightly runny yolk)

But then I cover the lot in an over powering sauce anyway, no choice. . The smell of eggs makes me sick (literally)

kirinesha, Jan 10, 1:04am
Agreed, texture is different.

maxwell.inc, Jan 10, 1:05am
taste too.

mazzy1, Jan 10, 1:24am
Exactly! Nothing beats the joy of a perfectly seasoned runny (ish) poached egg on a nice piece of Vogels toast, washed down with a cup of Earl Grey. Ahhhh. Life is good.

kirinesha, Jan 10, 1:25am
Face it Uli, you're just plain wrong.

mazzy1, Jan 10, 1:29am
And grumpy - eat more eggs!

davidt4, Jan 10, 1:35am
In my experience shelling a soft boiled egg is impossible...

uli, Jan 10, 1:45am
Ah well - Looks like I need to give you an example one of these days (whenever I get down to the shore again ... )

suie1, Jan 10, 3:51am
Wow really, That is a great idea if you have lots of people to cater for, will definitely be using that trick instead of having over/under done eggs or resorting to scrambled instead! LOL.

suie1, Jan 10, 3:53am
Do share please!

uli, Jan 10, 4:31am
Don't hold back now ...

motorbo, Jan 10, 4:42am
line a teacup with plastic wrap, drop egg into it and tie top (i used twisty ties) then pop egg wrapped in plastic wrap into boiling water, when you take it out and open it it has a wonderful shape and all gathered up top like a parcel

korbo, Jan 10, 5:30am
i have found that taking eggs from fridge to do poached eggs, make the whites all funny, but eggs that have been outta the fridge are ok. anyone else find this also.

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