Anyone have an excess of Lemons - Howick Area?

toadfish, Mar 17, 5:30pm
Before I go and knock on a randoms door... . does anyone have lemons going to waste that they want to find a good home for? ? ? I use them in my brown rice salad and have had to buy one... Shock horror. Last time a kind person gave me some I froze them in dressing size portions (Eg 1tsp Lemon rind & 2 Tablespoons juice) made it really easy when I wanted to make it as the fiddly bit was done. Thanks in advance.

fruitluva2, Nov 10, 1:06am
I wish ours will hurry up and ripen as I sprinkled epsom salt and first we've been laden with lots. Mmmmm dreams of creamy lemon slice, and, and, lol.
Thanx never thought to add the rind when freezing. No waste way to go.
All the best in obtaining toadie