Butter Chicken Recipe Anyone??????

holdenss, Oct 21, 2:13am
Anyone know a good butterchicken recipe? I like the little india or corrianders stuff(rich, orange, creamy, herbs-
nspices mmm) None of that red rich tomatoey stuff please.
Also anyone know how to imatate the tandoor cooked chicken? (or marinade) Cheers! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

msid, Oct 21, 2:23am
Should be something for your tastebuds here.

http://trademecooks.net.nz/viewtopic. php? f=11&t=253

holdenss, Oct 21, 2:47am
Nice one Alison, A few there that look very authentic, Can anyone out there Vouch for one particular?

cottagerose, Oct 21, 4:51am


chicken breast or thigh(i use both)
pataks tandoori paste
plain yoghurt
garlic, ginger, chilly paste
1tbsp oil
mix it all & marinate chicken leave it for hours then grill it

1 big onion make it intopaste
2 tbsp tomato paste
kastoori methi
kitchen king masala(you can buy moshims)
garlic, ginger, chilli paste
turmeric, red chilli powder , salt.
1 tsp sugar

first fry onion paste in half butter & half oil until gold brown then fry all spice(all ground in fine) add tomato paste then add cooked chicken then put small bottle of cream & little bit water mix together last fresh coriander n garma masala.

This was given to me by an Indian friend and it tastes as good as any restuarant one

msid, Oct 22, 2:02am
The first one on there is mine, scored from an Indian cooking class & the one I prefer to make, I've adapted it very slightly to my own taste buds since sharing that recipe - it's a little time consuming, but so worth it.

holdenss, Oct 22, 3:08am
cheers! Will try.

sandra22, Nov 7, 9:41am
There is an awesome butter chicken recipe on www.butterchicken.co.nz it makes it so much easier to make. All the hard work is done and there is no rubbish in it at all.

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