Cracked slow cooker

joberri, May 29, 5:25am
have a slow cooker under 2 years old with a 2 year warranty, the bowl has cracked whilst cooking, now been told that its not under warranty for this defect anybody had this problem?

lindylambchops1, May 29, 5:39am
What make is?Did you contact the manufacturer direct?or the store you purchased it from?

joberri, May 29, 5:57am
yes contacted the store was told that yes 2 yr warranty but that no cover the pan it is a chefmate have googled CGAwhich says that should be cobered as nothing in warranty to say pan not covered

blyme_jerv, May 29, 7:38am
ours cracked but only round top, so still using it...have you put it in dishwasher at all, also they dont like adding hot liquid to cold bowl

joberri, May 29, 8:01am
no never put in dishwasher and no cold liquid added to bowl, crack was halfway up all round bowl cooker had been on for about an hour and has only really been used for 1 winter so can,t see how it is normal wear and tear to cause it,will go back to farmers and quote CGA and see what happens but would like to hear from others who have this happen

suie1, May 29, 8:21am
It is a common problem I am surprised it has 2 year warranty, usually only get 1 year on small appliances. I have a Zip slow cooker first bowl cracked after 6mths Briscoes replaced it but said if it happens again it will not be covered, which stinks because it is like saying they will not stand behind their product twice & it is like saying faulty product it is the customers fault. Well I noticed after Feb quake it has a big crack around bottom thankfully it is covered by insurance.

peaknuckle, May 29, 8:25am
I was following an Alison Holst recipe in Slow Cookers book and following her instructions put liquid in the bowl and cracked the bottom of our new crockpot. Not impressed Alison :(

joberri, May 29, 8:54am
Its a Farmers warranty says 2 yr replacemant warranty,product shall be free from defects in materials or workmanship warranty does not cover normal wear and tear,damage,unreasonable use , tried to get replacement bowl but noluck there either

melford, May 29, 9:02am
I had the swame trouble with Farmers not wanting to replace an item under warranty. Rang the manufacturers direct - no problem. Famers replaced it immediately.Consumers guarantee act "not fit for the purpose it was intended - check that out too

joberri, May 29, 9:16am
Yep CGA is what I am going to quote to them tomorrow.trying to find Ph number for manufacturers.

rachyd, May 30, 10:33pm
What size is it ? i just got offerd 1 with an electrical fault but the bowl is good.

joberri, May 31, 2:04am
thanks for thatbut have just been phoned my manager of Farmers who has told me I can have a refund for cooker, seems that because there is no way of just getting a new bowl they will refund and look into why you cannot get spare parts, pays to go higher up with your complaint

bigjules1, May 31, 4:19am
I accidentally cracked my crock pot inner not long after buying it (from Noel Leaming).They got me a replacement inner and it only cost about $36 from memory.It is a Russell Hobbs.

falcon-hell, May 31, 4:23am
i cracked my bowl a few years back,i had turned the cooker on,as you do,and it took me too long to get everything prepared,so i think it over heated and just cracked,pissed me off though.

anne1955, May 31, 7:14am
I have bowls and lids for two different ones and no surrounds mine get used so much the heat had made the knob/controller britlle and both ended up breaking...haven't a clue why I have kept them but have but a bit heavy really for posting otherwise I would send them to you...I have an oval one was a Russell Hobbs the other is a round one Red Shed one..I'm in gore if they are of any use to anyone?

falcon-hell, May 31, 9:15am
cool cheers anne,i'll bump this back to the top,i ended getting a new crockpot using my flyby points,someone else may take up your great offer.

natalie9, May 31, 9:22am
That happened to ours last winter. Was bummed as it was a wedding present that had been collecting dust for years and finally used it. Was really getting into it, 3rd time using it it cracked. But was my fault I guess, I left the dish on the bench to cool for about 3-4 hours before putting it in the fridge overnight. But think it was still pretty warm... Was not worth buying a new dish for it as can buy new crock pots reasonably priced on sale... but decided my crock pot days were over for the time being...

kath, Dec 24, 9:47pm
I have a 6.5 litre ZIP SLOW COOKER Model 312. The oval shaped glass lid broke. Would be interested in finding out where or how to get a replacemment lid.

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