Hangi done in slow cooker

t.gypsy, May 19, 9:02pm
tips please. am going to do a whole chook.

t.gypsy, May 19, 10:17pm
after my own research i found this and i thought it would be helpful for others. with these two links

http://www.food.com/recipe/hangi-in-a-crock-pot-160425 http://www.food.com/recipe/crock-pot-rotisserie-chicken-182629

harrislucinda, May 19, 10:39pm
yesthisisgreatloveit,butwhenputtingin cabbageleavesmakesurenottouching thesidesaswillburn , andnoneedforextraliquid

kennards1, May 20, 8:45pm
It is so yummy, i put tin foil over stuffing an make sure sealed well.

t.gypsy, May 20, 10:09pm
thanks for posting this site up.

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