Help! Tomato sauce

carla8, Mar 15, 4:03am
Hi there me again with another problem!
I am making tomato sauce from a recipe I found on here with the excess of tomatoes we have grown. It is just simmering away now but looks like its not going to thicken up as much as I would like. Is there anything I can add to it to make it a bit thicker? The ingreds in it were: Tomatoes, green apples, onions, garlic, malt vinegar -simmered and whisked then added: sugar, salt, pepper, mixed spice and ground cloves. Thanks!

carbon_trader, Mar 15, 4:11am
arrowroot... use a small qtyuntil desired texture is obtained

timetable, Mar 15, 4:35am
or just let it bubble away till the vinager boils its way through - some times it takes a while for the mix to boil through all the vinager... .

samsara11, Mar 15, 4:44am
how long have you been cooking it for

carla8, Mar 15, 6:05am
After it was all blended up and the sugar etc added it has been simmering from about 2 1/2 hours. It has thickened a bit more but is still quite runny

jag5, Mar 15, 6:39am
Just keep boiling until it reduces down. Have to boil the "water" out of it. But also bear in mind, that as it cools it will thicken a little too.

korbo, Nov 3, 6:20pm
YES, DAUGHTER RANG MEto ask same, and she has found it has thickened overnight.

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