can u buy gluten free sausages??

chrisynz, Mar 13, 4:22am
and about to make my first loaf of gluten free bread in the bread maker, do i make it the same way as i normally do with flour, , but using the gluten free stuff

gaspodetwd, Mar 13, 4:26am
Yes you can buy a variety of GF sausages. Many butchers now use GF ingredients in independent butchers - however you have to get them to wash their tongs etc to ensure no cross contamination. As for the bread - good luck - I never managed to make one that tasted right. We tried ALL the prepacked mixes - all foul textured and just not what we were looking for! So seriously - good luck.

___ellajac___, Mar 13, 4:31am
Yes - supermarkets sell gluten free sausages - Hellers brand. Sold in big bags - taste just like Sizzlers.

___ellajac___, Mar 13, 4:33am
You can buy a Gluten Replacer to put in with your flour - available from specialist shops. Personally I don't like gluten free bread but I do have a recipe for gluten-free pan-fried scone (large then cut into wedges) which is very nice.

earthangel4, Mar 23, 8:10pm
May I have your scone recipe please

bee0011, Mar 23, 11:53pm
my 5 yr old is gluten free and cant stand any of the bread brought or baked in the bread maker

earthangel4, Mar 24, 12:07am
HI bee,
I also am not fussed on any of the gluten free breads, they taste like cardboard to me, I have also gone off all baking, but now and again I buy from totally free bakery for a treat now and then, I have gone off that as well lately, and are just sticking to the basics

accroul, Mar 24, 12:50am
I've bough GF pork sausages from PnS before.

jrskev, Aug 31, 6:24am
yes if you have a black forest gourmet butcher all their products are gluten free and lovely and tasty

duckmoon, Aug 31, 7:00am
You can get g/f sausages at the supermarket - Helliers is the brand I purchase

bedazzledjewels, Aug 31, 7:10am
Marama organic

angie461, Aug 31, 7:19am
Try Traiteurs in CHCH all their sausages are gf and the best I have tried, naturally gf and have been for years, they have a website and courier out.

supergran31, Aug 31, 9:10am
The little butchers on Edgeware road across from Supervalue and BP has GF cocktail sausies, they are super yummy!!

jrskev, Mar 29, 7:02am
yes hellers and othrs in supermarket as well as blackforest gourmet shops sell all gf sausages