Bread & Butter Pudding recipe please

pats3, Apr 15, 10:12pm
Felt sure there would be a recipe for this pudding in my 37 year old Edmonds Cook Book but there isn't. Did a search on here but nothing came up.

Can anyone share this recipe with me please.

jessie981, Apr 15, 10:58pm
Haven't made for years, but used to grease a pie dish, layer with buttered bread (crusts off) & cut into square. Sprinkle sultanas over then pour milk, beaten egg, sugar & tsp vanilla over.
Bake slowly around 160.

ana-marie, Apr 15, 11:00pm

Gordon Ramsays recipe - I made with plain bread and with just milk, was delicious.

elliehen, Apr 15, 11:37pm
And a Delia Smith recipe posted by indy95


225g brown or white bread, crusts removed.
275 ml milk
50g butter melted
75g soft brown or white sugar
2 tsps mixed spice
1 egg, beaten
175g mixed dried fruit (currants, raisins, sultanas, candied peel )
Grated rind of half an orange
Grated nutmeg

Break bread into pieces and soak in the milk for about 30 mins or until it is well soaked. Add butter, sugar, spice and egg and mix well, then stir in mixed fruit and orange rind.

Spread the mixture in a greased baking dish and sprinkle over some nutmeg(freshly grated if possible ).

Bake at 180C for about 1 1/4 hours. Serve hot or cold.

pats3, Apr 16, 12:51am
Thank you everyone. Will be trying one of those tomorrow.

kernal1, Apr 16, 4:02am
Butter bread, crusts or not your choice, 1st layer butter side against dish. Remaining bread spread with raspberry/ strawberry, any jam you like. Scatter sultanas between. Beat eggs, retaining 2 whites (again eggs depend on how large your dish) with approx 1 small cup of milk per egg, sugar to taste. Pour over and leave to stand so egg mixture soaks through. (You can help this if in a hurry by lightly pressing)
Beat egg whites and approx 2tablesp of sugar per white to make a meringue type mixture, spread over and cook in aslow/moderate oven for60mins. (Watch topping and if browning a little quick turn oven down or cover) Serve with cream and/or ice cream. Lovely warm but any leftovers will still be gobbled up cold!
Sorry, amounts are vague but I just throw this together, amounts dependant on how big the dish/ or how many I am feeding.
Daughter in law makes a quick pudding just using crusts and not adding the topping. Lovely comfort food for a cold night.

jennyp2, Apr 16, 8:22am
I made b&b pudding one night - made it in cups! I soaked the bread in the egg and milk mix, this had orange juice added to it. Half filled the cups then added some frozen blueberries. Topped with more mix then baked in the oven. On servingI dusted them with icing sugar and presented on the saucers with the spoon alongside. looked impressive I must say

jessie981, Apr 16, 8:29am
Kernal this pudding is called Queen Pudding. Difference is added jam & meringue topping.

kuaka, Apr 16, 8:56am
Seems a lot of people still don't know the difference between bread pudding, bread and butter pudding and queen pudding.They are all different.Queen pudding is very similar to bread pudding but it has jam and meringue on top.Bread and butter pudding is made in ovenproof dish by layering buttered bread with dried fruit and sugar, and then making an egg and milk mix and pouring over it, so that when it is cooked the egg/milk mix forms a custard of sorts.Not at all like bread pud or queen pud.

pats3, Apr 16, 11:54am
Yes, I've made Queen Pudding lots of times but thought I'd do a B & B pudding for tomorrow when my girlfriend comes over for lunch.I love the 'old fashioned' puddings. My mother used to make Queen Pudding and B & B pudding.

kernal1, Apr 16, 11:27pm
I stand corrected! LOL

elliehen, Apr 17, 12:48am
Looks as though it might be Bread & Butter Pudding all dollied up for when you have the Queen to tea, kernal1 ;)

trading_gibsons, Apr 17, 12:55am
It's interesting that b&b pudding was used as a cheap way to use up stale bread, but with bread & milk no longer being cheap could it now be considered a treat!

bagglz, Apr 17, 8:01am
a friend made this with hot cross buns it was heaven.

kuaka, Apr 17, 11:06am
at the end of the day, if you make what you think is bread and butter pudding, but you make it like bread pudding, and you enjoy it, who really cares.If you make what you think is bread pudding and you put meringue on top of it, does it really matter whether it's bread pudding, bread and butter pudding or queen pudding as long as you enjoy it.But, if I ask for a recipe for a particular pudding, then that's probably the recipe I'd like, not one with a similar name but made completely differently.And just for interest, queen pudding is listed in one of my ancient recipe books as "queen's pudding" and in another as "queen of puddings".

Making any of these puddings with hot cross buns sounds yummy.

elliehen, Apr 17, 11:25am
I seem to remember Nigella doing a decadent take on the Bread & Butter Pudding by making it with croissants.

kuaka, Apr 17, 12:00pm
elliehen - that would make it lovely and rich with all the butter in the croissants.

nannahall1, Apr 18, 12:47am
can i jump in and ask for the recipe for bread pudding used to have it years ago my nan made it lovely in aa slice cold thanks

kuaka, Apr 18, 1:13am
nannahall - my first mother-in-law used to make bread pudding almost the same way that elliehen describes above, but she used to soak the bread in water, and then when it was well soaked, she would drain the liquid from it, and then squeeze it as dry as she could with her bare hands, then proceed as above adding all sorts of things, eggs, butter, sugar, dried fruit, spices etc.I don't think she ever measured much, it was always a case of what she had in the pantry and guesswork, and it was always delicious.

jessie981, Apr 18, 4:55am
nannahall - recipe from Aunt Daisy
2c stalebread
1qt milk
1/4tsp salt
1/2c raisins (opt)
2 eggs
1/2c sugar
1tsp vanilla esence
Soak bread in milk until soft then mash. Heat together till nearly boilig. Beat the eggs until light, add to sugar, salt & vanilla. When mixed stir into bread & milk, pour into baking dish & set in pan of ot water. Bake 90 mins @ 160.
Spice pudding add 1tsp cinnamon, 1/2tsp cloves 1/4tsp nutmeg to bread as it is soaking.

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