usualsuspect, Mar 12, 12:24pm
I have to shout for my birthday this coming week and need cheap easy and yummy ideas. Anyone? Thanks!

cookessentials, Mar 12, 5:58pm
How about some scones? say, a mixture of cheese savoury and perhaps date or the buttermilk ones. How many people to feed?

prawny, Mar 12, 8:11pm
A cheese ball. 250g of cream cheese, some picililly, grated cheese, chopped spring onion, chopped up crispy bacon (optional). Mix all together then make into a round shape, or any shape that takes your fancy, then roll the ball in either sesame seeds or chopped nuts, serve with crackers, yumbo! ! !

darlingmole, Mar 12, 8:25pm
cheese and crackers with relish
quiche (always quick, cheap and easy)
asparagus rolls/chicken rolls

cottagerose, Mar 12, 11:23pm
buy pkt frozen sausage rolls, cut up and pop in oven
Cheap, quick and easy. As long as you can pop in microwave at work to heat up of course

nadineb, Mar 13, 5:53am
You could cut these into squares
Mrs Pattersons Cheesecake
1 pkt of malt biscuits
5 ounces of butter melted (very old recipe)
crush biscuits and mix with melted butter and put into tin
1 pkt of cream cheese
5 ounces of sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla -optional I do not use it
1 large tin of crushed pineapple drain(keep the juice for a topping)
3 tsps gelatine
1/2 cup really hot water
Dissolve Gelatine in hot water . Mix cream cheese and sugar until well mixed and then add drained pineapple mix then add vanilla and gelatine /hot water and add to rest of the ingredients and mix then put into tin on the biscuit base.
Leave to chill can put this topping on if you want I did
Topping optional as well
Pineapple juice
1 dessertspoon of cornflour
Boil juice and cornflour together mix both together before heating and then boil stirring until syrupy spread onto chilled pineapple base
With this cheesecake you can also put into a flatter tin and cut into squares

allspices, Mar 13, 6:16am
Do you cook? How about old fashioned pikelets and jam and cream? Everybody loves 'em.

martine5, Oct 27, 11:09am
and people love them with lemon curd and cream as well but must say I can't go past the jam and cream. Yum