Slow cooker help please

jordy2004, Apr 10, 1:21am
Hi I am attempting my first pot roast in the slow cooker. I put it in at 11 for 6 hours hours of low temp cooking only to find my silly partner unplugged it at 12 to make toast and forgot to plug it back in. Do I need to cook for an extra hour on low, increase the temp to high or is it ruined? Thanks

245sam, Apr 10, 1:36am
jordy2004, your pot roast won't be ruined.
What I think I'd do is turn the slow cooker on to high just until it really gets back up to the heat it should have been (about ½ hour or so), then turn it back to low and it should be good as, but resist the temptation to lift the lid - each time you do so, sufficient heat is lost that another ½ hour approximately should be added to the total cooking time.

Hope that helps - let us know how it goes for you.:-))

jordy2004, Apr 10, 1:39am
Thanks heaps for that and will let you know :-)

ferrit47, Apr 10, 3:11am
You need cook it on High 4 first 2 hours & then low for another 6 hours. Total of at least 8 hours. You dont need to add water as it cooks in its own jusices.

fkts, Apr 10, 3:13am
Oh dear, I bet he got an earful! lol........I agree with sam's post.

jordy2004, Apr 10, 3:13am
Is that 8 hours for well done or medium? Im hoping for more medium meat so was thinking 6-7 hours would work. Thanks

ferrit47, Apr 10, 3:18am
Thats would be about done. You can always pick it and see if cooked. Cut a slice off it and see if done. Just Remember each time you open lid it add time on 4 coooking as u have let the Heat out that helps cook it.

jordy2004, Apr 10, 3:21am
yes he sure reply: sorry I didnt notice that big pot sitting in the middle of the bench hahaha.... thanks :)

ferrit47: thanks, will check at 6pm and go from there :)

winnie231, Apr 10, 3:21am
Your cooking time will vary with the size of the piece of meat and the brand of your slow cooker so there's no right or wrong answer here. I think you'll be fine & have a delicious dinner :) Let us know how it goes.

jordy2004, Apr 10, 3:23am
Thanks winnie will do :)

ferrit47, Apr 17, 3:43am
Hey how did you get on Jordy?

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