Cheesecake help please, Mar 11, 7:40am
Hi making a cheesecake for the first time . how do you do the twirly choc on top? And is it just melted choc or someting else? Thanks for any help

unknowndisorder, Mar 11, 8:20am
You meaning the decoration rather than in the cheesecake?
You could probably do a melted chocolate & roll it or some other fancy thing, or just cheat and grate the chocolate (using the potato slicing bit thingy). Depends on whether you're doing a dinner party or just for family (I'll cheat as much as possible on anything, so long as it looks okay & tastes good).
Hmm, haven't made a cheesecake for years, so maybe I'll have to do one soon :), Mar 11, 8:28am
yip mean how to decorate the top. Want it to look good. This will be first time making one

unknowndisorder, Mar 11, 8:40am
I guess it's still handy having books around ;)
Chocolate curls (I hope this makes sense without the pix) - pour melted dark chocolate (plain or semi-sweet) chocolate onto a marble slab or stainless steel bench top and use a palette knife (looks similar to a paint stripper) to spread thinly.
/as the chocolate begins to set hold a large knife at a 45 degree angle to the benchtop and pull gently through the chocolate.
It is essential to work quickly or the chocolate will harden & splinter.

To do a two-tone, as per above (spreading) the white chocolate, then make one-way ridges with a comb scraper or fork.
Allow to cool & harden. Pour melted dark over the ridges of white chocolate. Spread thiinly until the white is totally covered.
Then as above with the scraping :)
Hope that makes sense & hopefully someone has got easier instructions lol (or do a search on google images/video)

245sam, Mar 11, 8:48am
andi. surf, I recall that you are making or were going to make the Baileys Cheesecake - am I right? If so, are you also planning on making the chocolate sauce to go over/with it? Whether you are/aren't making the sauce, a simple way of finishing the top of your cheesecake would be to give it a marbled look - all you would need to do is make the cheesecake as in the recipe and let it set a little, then spoon melted and cooled chocolate over the filling mixture and, using a spoon, swirl it lightly into the top of the filling.

Hope that helps. :-)), Mar 12, 8:10am
Hi 245sam,

Yip you are right I am going to make baileys cheesecake but without the sauce.

Just want to swirl choc on top but wa unsure what to do.

Thanks for your help.

cookessentials, Oct 24, 7:16pm
to give a feathered or marbled look, pour the choc sauce on top and use a skewer to swirl gently through the top. For a "spiderweb" look you pour into a circle and drag from the centra and right out to the outer edge with a skewer.

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