Quick Pork Laksa Stir-Fry Recipe

Quick Pork Laksa Stir-Fry

Today I was super lazy and only had 30 minutes on hand, which means today's recipe is super easy!

Quick Pork Laksa Stir-Fry Ingredients

For the Stir-Fry:

▪️ 1 cup diced carrots
▪️ 3 tbsp laksa paste
▪️ 400g pork mince
▪️ 1 French/red shallot, halved and finely sliced
▪️ 2 green/spring onions, finely chopped
▪️ 1 large pinch of salt
▪️ ¼ cup roasted peanuts, lightly crushed

How to make Quick Pork Laksa Stir-Fry

Step 1: In a large pan, cook the diced carrots with 1-2 tbsp of a neutral oil on high heat for 3 minutes.

Step 2: Add the laksa paste and cook for a further minute, then add the pork mince.

Step 3: Cook, stirring until the pork is cooked through, about 6-7 minutes on high heat.

Step 4: Add the sliced shallots and chopped spring onions. Mix well and add a large pinch of salt.

Step 5: Fold through the lightly crushed peanuts and mix well.

Serving Suggestions

- Garnish with additional chopped spring onion and coriander.
- Optionally, add fried shallots for extra crunch.
- Squeeze fresh lime juice over the top for acidity.

Serving Options

- Serve next to lettuce cups, julienned cucumber, and a handful of mint to lift the flavors.
- The pork mince is also great over rice, as part of a noodle stir-fry, or as a topping for a baked potato.

Enjoy your Quick Pork Laksa Stir-Fry!

Overview of Quick Pork Laksa Stir-Fry

Category Details
Preparation Time5 minutes
Cooking Time25 minutes
Servings2 servings
Nutritional InformationProtein: 30g, Carbohydrates: 20g, Fats: 25g (per serving)
Main IngredientsPork mince, carrots, laksa paste, shallots, spring onions, peanuts
Sauce IngredientsLaksa paste
Cooking MethodStir-frying
Meal CategoriesMain Course
Key FlavorsSavory, spicy
TextureCrunchy, tender
Dietary InformationContains pork, nuts
Allergen InformationContains nuts
Storage TipsBest served fresh. Can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 2 days.
Serving SuggestionsServe warm

Fun Facts about Quick Pork Laksa Stir-Fry

▪️ Laksa paste is a versatile ingredient used in Southeast Asian cuisine, known for its rich and spicy flavor.
▪️ This quick stir-fry is perfect for busy days when you need a delicious meal in under 30 minutes.

Quick Pork Laksa Stir-Fry Pairing Suggestions

▪️ Quick Pork Laksa Stir-Fry pairs well with a fresh green salad or steamed vegetables.
▪️ Enjoy with a side of jasmine rice or rice noodles for a complete meal.
▪️ Serve with a cold beer or iced tea for a refreshing accompaniment.

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