High Protein Double 🍔 Recipe

High Protein Double 🍔

High Protein Double Burger

▪️ 300g spud lite potatoes (seasoned with peri salt)
▪️ 200g extra lean mince
▪️ 1 brioche bun
▪️ Handful of lettuce and 1-2 slices of tomato (optional)
▪️ 1 slice low-fat cheese
▪️ Low sugar BBQ sauce

▪️ Calories: 589
▪️ Protein: 50g
▪️ Carbs: 60g
▪️ Fat: 16g


1. Cook the spud lite potatoes until tender and season with peri salt.
2. Shape the extra lean mince into a patty and cook until done.
3. Assemble the burger with the brioche bun, cooked patty, lettuce, tomato, low-fat cheese, and BBQ sauce.
4. Serve with the seasoned potatoes. Enjoy your high-protein meal!

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