Airfryer Pesto & Egg Bagel 🥯

Airfryer Pesto & Egg Bagel 🥯

Airfryer Pesto & Egg Bagel 🥯 🍳 (547 cals)

Insane, it’s probably not normal how many times I’ve had this recently. Pesto and eggs are a dream combo but with crispy cheese and a bagel, magnificent. If you want beyond easy recipes go grab my new cookbook Even Easier 😁

- 1 bagel
- 2 eggs
- 30g of cheddar, I used reduced fat
- 1 tbsp of green pesto
- Salt and pepper
- Chilli flakes (Optional)

1. (Optional) Line your airfryer with baking paper, you can also add directly to the bottom of the airfryer
2. Add the pesto, then the bagel, then egg. Sprinkle with chilli, salt and pepper and top with cheese
3. Airfry for 6-7 mins at 180
4. Enjoy 😉