Ideas pls for baked fish in tin foil

delate, Feb 7, 7:24am
Snapper fillets please.Thanks

calista, Feb 7, 7:33am
White wine?

gbking, Feb 7, 7:34am
keep it simple, a sprinkle of sea salt, squeeze of lemon or lime juice and a few sprigs of fennel or dill and a couple of bay leaves.

harrislucinda, Feb 7, 8:18am

ksr, Feb 8, 5:20am
My fave is either some lemon slices or a squirt of sweet chilli sauce

purplegoanna, Feb 8, 8:12pm
this is easy peasy, crush up a few cupfuls of 'spring onion potato chips' and use that as your stuffing, it goes soft with all the fish juices whilst it cooks and has the perfect amount of salt and flavours to flavour the fish!

ant_sonja, Feb 8, 8:33pm
butter, salt & pepper and fresh chives, chervil, parsley and/or basil as well as some lemon zest if you like - the steam from cooking the fillets will release plenty of moisture and along with the butter and herbs you will have a lovely sauce which can be poured into a small pot to be reduced and thickened with a bit of cream (if you want) after the fish is cooked. I would serve this with a leafy green salad and more of the fresh herbs as well as lemon wedges on the side. A tomato/cucumber/red onion salad would be fab also plus a chunk of crusty bread to mop up the sauce :-)

nunesy, Feb 11, 12:22am
These sound GOOD... but I never buy fish cos don't know what I'm looking for in the supermarket... what's nice?I'm not a big 'seafood' person so don't want anything too strong but would love to eat more fish... ? Is PaknSave ok to buy it from or is it better somewhere else? TIA.

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