No fail Choc cake..with terrible oven

anne1955, Feb 3, 6:54am
Sadly rental oven doesn't hold heat as it should and oven door is the issue..not too bad but not totally wonderful..

I am looking for a can't fail cake Choc one to give as a gift for a 70th B/D have all the cook books but thought someone might be like me and working with appliance that aren't as wonderful as they where and have mastered a not to wonderful oven..and baking would be wonderful but a can't kill cake would be just the best..and no sadly no microwave that's worth a pinch off either... it's a bugger renting sometimes :)

dollmakernz, Feb 4, 10:11am
This one is impossible to stuff up but not too shure how it will go in a faulty oven. Good Luck
This a really good basic recipe that a friend gave me many years ago when I just couldn't make a chocolate cake. Its impossible to stuff it up!
Christine's Never Fail Chocolate Cake
1c sugar, 1 egg, 1Tbs cocoa, 1c milk,
113g butter, 1½c flour, 2tsp baking powder, 1tsp b/soda
1Tbs cornflour
Take 1Tbs of flour out and replace it with cornflour. Cream butter and sugar, add beaten egg. Sift flour and baking powder, Blend cocoa, milk and baking soda. Fold flour and cocoa mix alternately into the creamed butter. Bake 180º for 1 hour.

anne1955, Feb 5, 5:22am
Thanks people will give both a go and see if this oven wil preform alright for me in a choc cake

dollmakernz, Feb 5, 6:45am
Yep, Mels secret chocolate cake is to die for!!!!!!!! and so easy to make but could be a very expensive mistake if the oven lets you down. I've used Mels cake for several birthday cakes and a couple of wedding cakes! It makes a massive cake in a roasting tin

robyn35, Feb 5, 6:55am
my oven is dodgy and I use the cola cake recipe and it always comes out great even when baked on fan bake it is still moist and lovely

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