My daughters Cake.. photo :)

crsdbl, Feb 3, 6:20am
that is beautiful!!!

tipsy_bl0nde, Feb 3, 6:22am
it was sooooo tasty :) sent half of it with DD to kindy the next day and it got demolished so thats good

seniorbones, Feb 3, 6:22am
aaawww its beautiful, ' believe its the first time you have attempted something like this - it looks so professional.

tipsy_bl0nde, Feb 3, 6:27am
i bought a cake decorating kit just a cheapy but i only ever used it for cupcakes so took me ages to get the pattern around the waist and bottom lol. I also went to the cake box in howick and bought their bakers icing which is premade but soooo much nicer than any icing ive ever had. (used it for a friends daughters birthday in 2009)
all up the cake was $35 to make and then 18 for the doll which DD had as a present also :)

tipsy_bl0nde, Feb 3, 6:28am
oh and it took 1.5 hours to make lol!!!! jam and thickened cream between the sponges i made and then cut to shape

kiwibubbles, Feb 3, 6:29am
oh wow that is stunning

malcovy, Feb 3, 7:04am
Well done, it looks fantastic.

lyl_guy, Feb 3, 9:56am
Wow!That looks VERY professional!Gorgeous.

nfh1, Feb 3, 10:14am
It looks fantastic, you must be so pleased.Your daughter will be so pleased.

cookessentials, Feb 3, 6:05pm
Well done you, it looks great.

lx4000, Feb 3, 6:28pm
Awesome!! What a great job!

bigcous, Feb 3, 9:22pm
thats fantasti, u should start that as job

harrislucinda, Feb 3, 10:06pm

lindylambchops1, Feb 3, 11:37pm
That is so coool!My daughter now wants one for her next birthday in August.....btw...she will be 22!

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