Cake Mixture Splitting? Help!

notmyonlyjob, Jan 16, 2:28am
Tararua Lemon Cake, love this recipe have made it a zillion times.
Today I just went to make it and when I get the eggs in the mixture it splits / curdles, never had this happen before. Kept adding rest of ingredients thinking I might be able to "save" it, but it was a lost cause.
So started again, creamed butter and sugar, then added and beated the eggs in one at a time this time, and when I got to the 5th egg the mixture split again.What the heck am I doing wrong?
I have made this cake so many times, I just cant get my head around it, its a very hot day today and was wondering if that had something to do with it maybe?
Any suggestions?

ibcreative, Jan 16, 2:50am
I googled and found this.
Curdling occurs when the butter and sugar have not been creamed sufficiently - until light and fluffy - to form a strong emulsion to absorb the eggs. Also if cold eggs are added to the mixture too quickly, separation occurs. A curdled mixture holds far less air, so the cake will be flat. Eggs should be at room temperature and added gradually. Adding a teaspoon of flour with each addition of egg can also help to prevent curdling.

If the mixture starts to curdle, dip the base of the bowl into warm water briefly, and whisk to restore the light consistency.

notmyonlyjob, Jan 16, 3:22am
Thanks so much :)

buzzy110, Jan 16, 6:09am
Doesn't it just tear ya nightie when something you can do normally with one hand tied behind your back and a blindfold over your eyes, just decides to spit the dummy all of a sudden?

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