jbear333, Dec 18, 1:00am
I have a bag of chocolate cake off cuts and would love a recipe to use these! any suggestions? Cheers.

margyr, Dec 18, 1:03am
lamingtons, i know suppossed to be plain sponge but any sort of cake is yum turned into them

margyr, Dec 18, 1:04am
trifle, would be nice also.

bluebell42, Dec 18, 1:13am
Freeze them for later

rosathemad, Dec 18, 1:26am
I second trifle - I have made many cake trifles and they're delicious! Sometimes I just freeze the scraps and if I feel like a lazy dessert heat up a couple of pieces in the microwave and top with ice-cream.

You can also make truffle-type balls by adding either icing or cream cheese - so long as you have something tasty that squishes it all together they'll taste good.

crystalmoon, Dec 18, 5:24am
a nice tiramsu with choc sponge is always nice too:)

sabra_1, Dec 18, 6:01am
use as a base for cheesecake, just add a bit of booze to moisten then press into cheesecake base. make a baileys cheesecake and then you have a nice compliment to the chocolate.

bedazzledjewels, Dec 18, 6:02am
I've got a nice truffle recipe somewhere using choc cake crumbs. Can hunt it out if you're interested.

elliehen, Dec 18, 10:27am
Chocolate cake would make a good Black Forest trifle (posted previously)...jam, cherries, chocolate mousse, whipped cream...

Will see if I can find the thread.

alewis, Dec 18, 12:06pm
if you freeze it, you can cut it up when you have a chocolate fondue!!
mini truffles in champagne glasses and rum balls sounds very good as well.

jbear333, Dec 18, 8:56pm
I would really appreciate your recipe... only if you can find it tho. Cheers.

tw1nkle, Dec 21, 10:43pm
I do like kiwitrish. I crumble up all my offcuts and mix them together with left over buttercream or ganache icing. Roll them into truffle sized balls, refrigerate then dip in chocolate. HTH

punkinthefirst, May 8, 8:02am
And don't forget the good old Bread and Butter Pudding variations

sclaredy_cat, May 8, 9:02am
I do this too, at least then my kids get something, I always seem to be making cake for other people ;)

shazzie10, May 9, 1:00am
Oh, this sounds wicked! Yummmmyyyyyyyyyyyy

wildflower, May 9, 4:14am
Truffles definitely

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