No butter, no eggs ? no sugar fruit cake

miffycat1, Dec 17, 7:36pm
I have just heard of this fruit cake. has any one got & could post the recipe & cooking instructions.
I believe you soak the fruit the night before & next day addliquid coffee, flour & Chocolate.
much appreciated.

lilyfield, Dec 17, 8:22pm
extra easy fruit cake
1 kg fruit mix soaked overnight in 2 cups of orange juice - then mix in 2 cups of self raising flour bake for an hour plus at 160ish - when cooked turn out of tin but DO not eat on the first day as this cake is better the next day etc

or replace with coffee—tea—
add spice

margyr, Dec 17, 8:33pm
here is one from another poster,have given the recipe to loads of people and they all love it, makes a lovely cake. Yep I have one ... for TradeMe members only~!

1kg dried fruit (of your choice)
2 C orange juice OR 2 C strong black coffee (soak overnight)

Next day stir in
2 C flour
4 t Baking powder
1 t spice (or your choice; mixed or cinnamon?)

Pour into a greased tin and cook @ 180 deg C for 1-1/2hrs.

Turns out moist and freezes well.

ps: somepeople like the dried fruit soaked in sherry but I think that's a blatant waste of alcohol haha!
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baalamb, Dec 18, 12:23am
This sounds great! I make the eggless & sugarless one but still uses 250g butter, and a can of condensed milk. This one sounds even easier!

miffycat1, Dec 18, 4:34am
Thanks very much.
Does anyone put chocolate in this cake ?
i certainly will be trying out the obove recipes
Thanks again

sonia_teuma, Jan 8, 7:43am
I have tried this cake and it turned out delicious !

I am a gluten, sugar, egg, milk and butter free person and it turned out as a rich fruit cake.

I used gluten free self raising flour.

Many many thanks for this receipe and I highly recommend it to all who are like me or on a special diet.

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