Easy Bacon & Egg pie recipe

tash74, Dec 22, 4:12am
I know probably been a 1000 threads for this but I can't seem to find one...

jessie981, Dec 22, 4:26am
And you'll get 100's of replies. I line a sponge roll tin with pastry, the beat eggs or leave whole, salt & pepper, add a little milk & cheese, grated onion - all opt, some peeps put peas (yuck) chopped bacon. cover with other half of pastry. Bake 30 - 40 mins @ 200 or until golden.

male_timaru, Dec 22, 4:28am

2 cups of Champion standard flour
Pinch of salt
Spoon of lemon juice
4 oz butter (grated)
Eggs (say 6-9)
Pepper and salt

Pre heat oven to the highest heat (yeah - maximum!), turn down to 200C.

Sift the flour, dig a well in the centre and add lemon juice. Add the grated butter.

Add water to the flour - until it makes a dough that you can roll out with a rolling pin

Stick in the fridge for 1/2 hour or so, then roll out and place in a greased tin - flour the bench and don't roll too long

Sprinkle grated cheese on the bottom
Add bacon pieces cut into thumb sized sqaures
Add 6 whole eggs around inside the pie dish/tray
Sprinkle with cheese again
Add the last of the bacon and eggs
Add pastry top - jab holes and glaze with milk or egg.

Place pie in oven and cook for 20-30 minutes

male_timaru, Dec 23, 6:40am
Did you make the Bacon & Egg pie yet?

Let us know how it turned out

annie.nz, Dec 23, 8:30pm
My Ma's Recipe - a plain version -

Frozen pastry (I buy the sheet stuff, preferably Ernest Adams or another version made with butter).Roll out pastry, including sheet pastry, till it is about 3mm thick.Keep as cool as possible.Line base of a sprayed piedish (with maybe also a circle of baking paper in the bottom) with pastry, and roll out a top for the pie, trim leaving plenty at the edges. I usually leave this in the fridge for half an hour or so to settle down before cooking.

Heat oven to whatever it says on the pastry pack.No fan.

Chop bacon (I usually use 250g - 500g depending on the size of the pie) and put onto pastry base.Crack eggs into this till pie is full to within 1cm of the rim of the dish.(usually 1-2 dozen eggs).Then sprinkle over a bit of salt, mix with hands, squishing yolks to break them.Don't mix fully, leave streaks of yolk and white, and distribute the bacon through the mix.Then (and this is the secret, I'm afraid) taste the mix.If bland, add a bit more salt and repeat until it tastes really good.

Put on the top, trim, stab 3-4 holes in the lid with a sharp knife, bake in centre of oven for time specified on the pastry packet.When time has elapsed and/or the top is browned and nicely cooked, take out of oven, turn out of piedish by placing a wire rack over the pie and quickly inverting it.(Need to be sober for this bit, do over bench).Then slide the pie onto an oven tray, upside down, and replace in the oven till the bottom is cooked and brown.

Take out of oven, cool on wire rack raised on 3-4 eggcups.Best if not refrigerated before eaten, but if it won't be eaten within 3-4 hours, refrigerate.

lythande1, Dec 23, 10:43pm
Beat eggs, mix in a bit of milk, salt and pepper (go easy on the salt, crumbled bacon, a handful grated cheese, 1/2 chopped sauted onion, and whatever other veg you like, corn, peas, not too much.
Much nicer than plain bacon and egg

lindylambchops1, Dec 8, 5:44am
Hey Male_timaru I made your Egg & Bacon Pie tonight.It was the best one I have ever made.The pastry was delicious and the filling too.Thanks so much for sharing your recipe.

nik12, Dec 8, 5:50am
Mine is
Bought puff pastry.
Layer of bacon, layer of eggs, layer of bacon, and pepper.
male_timaru, you make it sound easy to make your own pastry, perhaps I'll brave that next time.

whitehead., Dec 8, 9:01am
try the chicken bacon it really tastes good with out being too salty

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