Gelatine - sheets and powder

joel48, Nov 16, 12:08am
I have a recipe for panna cotta that needs 3 gelatine sheets, but I only have gelatin powder (Davis brand).I have googled it but heaps of differing opinions on what a sheet equals in powdered gelatine.Any experts out there?

davidt4, Nov 16, 12:13am
The difficulty is that sheet gelatine comes in various grades and unless the recipe specifies which grade is required it's hard to judge.

Pannacotta needs a very light set, so I suggest that you look up other milk jelly recipes until you find one that uses gelatine powder, then reduce the quantity slightly (if the recipes have differing quantities of liquid you will need to do the arithmetic to get an equivalent for your quantity of liquid).

ribzuba, Nov 16, 12:25am
i generally substitute 2 grams of gelatin for every sheet thats needed, a silver grade sheet(average quality) should weigh 2 grams.always works for me

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