Chocolate mousse .gelatine or eggs?

Chef_maxi42, May 7, 10:27 pm
. and prefer cocoa iso melting chocolate, should i add more butter then? Thanks!

Chef_jenben1, May 7, 10:35 pm
Eggs, chocolate, cream, brandy opt, need nothing else

Chef_bedazzledjewels, May 8, 12:06 am
Eggs and chocolate and knob of butter. That's it, for the traditional chocolate mousse recipe. Technique is important though.

Chef_gennie, May 14, 4:37 am
Have never made a chocolate mousse with cocoa instead of chocolate. Just wouldn't have the same taste and texture. I use eggs, chocolate and cream.

Chef_cheekypa, May 16, 7:25 am
just choc and cream

Chef_sally63, May 16, 8:59 am
Eggs and chocolate, cream,,,,,,

Chef_buzzy110, May 17, 3:14 am
Try this:

Uses only water flavoured with orange juice or cassis puree and chocolate.

Chef_kiwisportsgirl, Jul 25, 4:53 pm
Eggs, Chocolate and Cream here to no need for anything else.

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