My First Fondant Cake

eastie3, Nov 12, 2:29am
Good work offroader,well done !

cookessentials, Nov 12, 2:31am
Fabulous the wee monkey, well done.

chicco2, Nov 12, 2:40am
Awesome job. Congratulations. Thanks for posting a pic, I was hoping you would.

rubyjane11, Nov 12, 3:27am
fantastic...almost looks to good to eat!

gardie, Nov 12, 3:29am
Awesome job - fondant doesn't need to go in the fridge though.You need to be careful of it sweating when its removed.A fabulous effort for your first time.

offroader1, Nov 12, 3:43am
Thanks everyone, I was having big problems with it melting, hence the fridge, it's 28 degrees in side and a whooping 30 in the shade outside, things on the cake, were getting rather droopy and I need for tomorrow lol, but thanks I know for next time

rosathemad, Nov 12, 4:31am
Awesome work! Looks amazing. :-)

alebix, Nov 12, 4:42am
Thats fantastic.

hoonguek, Nov 12, 10:00am
you're good! i wish, sigh, i cd do things like that

dollmakernz, Nov 13, 9:49am
You're a natural! Its fantastic!

gardie, Nov 13, 11:50pm
You can!Get the kiwi kids book - they had some on here recently - and have a go.Once you've done it, you'll be quite impressed with your results.Many people don't try because they think it is too hard.You may be surprised with your results.

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