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juliewn, Jun 28, 7:59am
Bumping for Deagle04 and Pickled Garlic at post 5 in this thread. .

juliewn, Jul 3, 3:00pm
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rema, Jul 3, 9:52pm
Kiwifruit Jam Has anyone a lovely recipe for same - or if it has already been posted, can some direct me to it
Many thanks in advance

juliewn, Jul 7, 11:40am
Bumping for you Rema... . .

juliewn, Jul 7, 11:43am
Hi Rema. . I've included a recipe for Strawberry Jam in posts 7 and 8 on the first page of this thread - you can use that same method for kiwifruit and for any other types of jam you'd like to make. Kiwifruit jam tends to go brownish once cooked - it tastes good, just the colour is affected - some people add a little green food colouring to change that. . it's up to you. Enjoy your jam. . :-)

jenna68, Jul 10, 3:33am
up it goes . . x

juliewn, Jul 12, 9:01am
Hiya Tracey. . :-)

larisse, Jul 13, 12:11am
Hello! =0) I'm just starting out with preserves and so far have only made a tomatoe relish which has been a hit & not mamed anyone! I was wondering if there is a special name for the funnel that has a wide end especially for preserving? I am wanting to get one but not sure if it has a special name? Would greatly appreciate any advice. Thank You =0)

juliewn, Jul 14, 4:24pm
Hi Larisse. . congratulations on your relish. . I bet it tastes good. . :-). . They're called jam funnels and aren't very easy to find - though there's a stainless one here: - price not included however. A way to make your own? - use a larger ordinary funnel (they're available in sets at $2 type stores) and cut carefully (as the plastic is hard) with a sharp knife around the base of the bowl part of the funnel, cutting in a circle that will fit into the top of any jars you're likely to use. Smooth off any rough patches around the circle - and you have your funnel. . Enjoy making your preserves. . :-)

juliewn, Jul 16, 3:13pm
bumping... :-)

larisse, Jul 17, 6:29am
Thank you for that Juliewn! Thats a great idea, I didn't know jam funnels existed until I heard someone talking about them. I thought that would make it much easier. Will get a set of plastic ones though and give it a try. Thank you for the advice!

perthlot, Jul 17, 2:04pm
Red Pepper Chutney Not sure if already on here - cannot be bothered to wade thru all recipes

8 Big red peppers
1c white sugar
1/2c white vinegar
1 tbsp salt

Whizz peppers and leave to drain overnight with salt sprinkled on them.

Put all in pot and simmer until marmalade consistency. Jar.

Approx 4 cups and well worth the effort.

Great on sammies or with any cold meat.

rema, Jul 17, 11:53pm
Kiwifruit Jam Many thanks Juliewn for your suggestions, it turn out lovely, yes did go brown, but tasted great

juliewn, Jul 20, 1:30pm
You're most welcome Larisse. . hope it works well for you. . That's great Rema. . a serving suggestion for kiwifruit jam - lovely scones, hot from the oven, with a little butter/margarine. . and some kiwifruit jam. . Oh Yum! ! ! ! !

juliewn, Jul 20, 1:31pm
Thanks Perthlot. . I was experimenting with recipes for chutney and relish using red capsicums last summer - and will try your recipe next season. . thanks for sharing it with us all. .

juliewn, Jul 24, 1:00pm
Bumping for pickled onion recipes :-)

janny3, Jul 25, 1:17pm
citrus chutney? Someone once gave me a jar of citrus/lime chutney they'd made in the slow cooker. It really was very tasty & I'm wanting to make pickled limes that way too if anyone knows how much liquid per weight of fruit etc. THANKS in advance!

juliewn, Jul 29, 2:18pm
Is this what you're looking for Janny? - it's from the TrademeCooks website where recipes from Trademe are saved. . "Lemons and Limes Pickled in Oil.
Wash 6 lemons and limes and cut into thin wedges. Freeze until firm. Sprinkle over 6 T coarse salt Leave for about an hour Layer slices into sterilised jars and pour on any brine that has collected on the plate. Sprinkle paprika between the layers and tuck a bayleaf in the top. Cover with salad oil- keeps 2-3 months in fridge. To use, discard pulp and slice rinds finely I haven't actually made this but it comes from one of Annabel Langbein's books- sounds interesting. posted by katalin2"

juliewn, Jul 29, 2:20pm
and this could be made with limes. . to be served with an Indian food type meal. . "Jamie Olivers Lemon Pickle (to be served with curries)
Remove the core part and pips of 2 lemons and chop them into small pieces. Pop 2 tsp mustard seeds in a little oil, and add 1 tablespoons lentils, and cook till the lentils are golden and crunchy. Add 1 tsp chilli powder and stir through. Add the lemons and stirfry till the lemons are hot. Add 3 tablespoons of white wine vinegar and season to taste. Heat through, and pile into a bowl to serve.

juliewn, Jul 29, 2:21pm
There are other recipes here that might be what you're looking for: php? f=23&t=538&
p=1430&hilit=pickled+limes#p1430 Hope this helps. .

juliewn, Aug 3, 11:53am
bumpety bump. . :-)

janny3, Aug 4, 7:19am
tomato relish My old mum used to make this w/ only a few ingredients, such as tomatoes, onions, vinegar/lemon juice, sugar/honey and spices. It had no apple, raisons or anything extra & tasted so delicately tomato-ish. I'd put it in the blender for a wonderful home-made tomato sauce w/out all the artificial preservatives. Does anyone have a basic old-fashioned English-style recipe for this please?

juliewn, Aug 4, 3:23pm
Hi Janny. . this is my favourite Tomato Relish recipe - it's from post number 133 in this thread and is based on the Edmonds book recipe:here 'tis. . "I do change some things in
the recipe, and will post the changes I make after the recipe, which is: 12 large tomatoes, 4 large onions, 1 handful salt (I use common salt which is best for preserves, and 1/4 cup), 500gms brown sugar, 1 tablespoon mustard (powder), 1 tablespoon curry powder, 2 heaped tablespoons flour, 5 chillies. Vinegar (I use white vinegar to give a result that is more red than brown) Cut tomatoes (peeled) and onions into four or more pieces. Sprinkle with salt and leave overnight. Next day, pour off liquid and put into preserving pan with sugar and chillies. Add enough vinegar to cover. Bring to the boil. Simmer 1 1/2 hours, stirring occasionally. Mix flour, curry powder and mustard to a smooth paste with a little cold vinegar. Add to mix and whisk in well. Boil 5 minutes. Put into sterilised jars and bottle when cold. "

juliewn, Aug 4, 3:24pm
this is what I change . . my ingredients are: 12 large tomatoes, 4 large onions, 1/4 cup common salt, 500gms brown sugar, 1 tablespoon mustard powder, 1 1/2 tsp curry powder. I leave the skins on the tomatoes, so the goodies in the skin are still in the relish. I cut the tomatoes and onions into smaller pieces - or use a food processor to chop them. You'll see that I use 1 1/2 tsps of curry powder - and I add that and the mustard at the beginning of cooking. I don't use the chillies at all, or any flour or other thickener, as I feel it reduces the flavour of the ingredients, and a better and nicer flavour is achieved without the flour.

juliewn, Aug 4, 3:25pm
Because there's no thickener added, I keep the mix simmering, stirring often, until it's as thick as I want. Remember that it will thicken further as the relish cools. I use the pop-top jars as tops for the relish - and put those on when the relish has just been put into the jars and is still very hot. As the relish cools, the lid will pop-down, giving a secure seal, which helps with the keeping of the relish. I hope this is of help. . :-)

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