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purplegoanna, Sep 22, 2:17am
i went to a function a while ago and someone had a proffesional cake made by someone in papakura, it was devine, sadly i cant remember the exact function of who brought the damn thing..but i am going to need one next month for an 80th birthday...any recommendations?

purplegoanna, Sep 22, 2:18am
or a huge cake tin and ill attempt one myself...

pickles7, Sep 22, 2:32am
Look in the yellow pages, something may ring a bell.

purplegoanna, Sep 22, 2:36am
no sadly i never asked who made it, im trying for the life of me to remember whos 21st or 18th etc it was but my minds pickling with age! lol...... the one person i thought it was who organised it wasnt! lol

pickles7, Sep 22, 4:13am
lol pickled you are.
I would make them myself.
You would make one to have out on show and another cut in the kitchen ready to go, right after the official cut. It is very common these days.. The unofficial cakes do not need to be iced the same, something similar is fine. A lot of caterers do this, it is something the guests just don't know.

buzzy110, Sep 22, 6:14am
Decor Cakes in Otahuhu. Try them.

inkycat, Sep 22, 6:20am
Tins can be hired from Party type hire shops.

purplegoanna, Sep 22, 6:33am
yip pickles im seriously thinking of making it myself, i make a mean choccolate cake that he loves already as i make it for other family events, any body got any thoughts on how much id x/times the recipe by to go in an oven dish? its just a normal cake mix/tin size recipe.

margyr, Sep 22, 6:57am
hi there, if you put chocolate cake in a roasting dish in the search box on the left and then click on anytime there are a few there. good luck.

margyr, Sep 22, 7:00am
then there is this one from another thread;Mels Secret Chocolate Cake is the easiest tastiest cake & made in a roasting dish.
2 Cups of water 3 Cups of caster sugar 250gm butter 1/3 Cup cocoa 1 teaspoon of baking soda 3 Cups of self raising flour 4 eggs lightly beaten Combine water, sugar, butter ,cocoa, & soda in a large pot. Stir over medium heat without boiling until sugar is dissolved. Simmer for 5 minutes uncovered. Cool for 10 minutes. Mix in flour and eggs and beat til smooth. Pour into a lined roasting dish and bake for 50 minutes at 160c. Check at 40 minutes. Stand for 10 minutes before turning out onto a wire rack.
Quote dollmakernz (200 )11:57 pm, Sat 13 Feb #7

chicco2, Sep 22, 6:44pm
If making and decorating/icing a really large cake seems daunting, why not do 2 tiers? Place them both on boards and find a nice vase to stand the smaller one on behind the larger one.
Everyone will be impressed. That way you can have 2 different flavours.

pickles7, Sep 22, 9:38pm
I can see the glint in his eyes. A cake made by you will be so nice, make two or three separate ones, they keep well. I see you make a double cc choccolate cake, lol.
For a special occasion you will need a dummy run, time to try other recipe's, if you wish. It is not always wise to just double a recipe.
I made a nice choc. mud cake for a Wedding cake, that was two tiers darn me I didn't write the recipe down. I must have been pressed for time, as I never usually start something out of my head, without picking up a pencil. Never to be repeated lol. Funny thing is, chocolate mud cakes were thrown in the bin when we had our bakery as flops, they have not been popular that long. probably 12 years maybe.

goldgurl_design, Sep 22, 10:14pm
I have used Decor cakes in Otahuhu many times...they make a huge one (bigger than a roasting dish) decorated, plus large pic for around $230.

nesian_angel1, Sep 30, 12:26am
go to Mangere bakery opp Sthern Cross Campus (the old Nga Tapuwae)..they make the biggg cakes and are reeeaaaally yummy moist and chocolaty!..cakes sizes that can cater up to 200ppl;)

purplegoanna, Sep 30, 8:54pm
ohhhh i know that place i shall do that.. oddly enough another good price for size option i found was the cheesecake shop! they do slab cakes.

reily, Sep 30, 9:04pm
Hi Margyr I have your recipe done in a large cake tin. and It is amazing had to cut it in half and freeze half of it otherwise it would have been demolished in seconds.It freezes well.

crystalmoon, Sep 30, 11:42pm
We always use the Bakery in Mangere its called Windmill Bakery I think,not open on Mondays but they do a fantastic choc mud cake,and comes in huge slab alot lighter than the cheesecake shop,I find theirs just too heavy.Good luck.You can buy a portion of the choc cake from display so you can try it first.Veryyyyyy yummmmyyy and will do the writing for what ever event you want.Very well priced too.

crystalmoon, Sep 30, 11:43pm
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm now I'm hungry for choc mud cake GGggrrrrrr...have a great day all :)

karenjs, Oct 1, 2:56am
Mmmmmm Windmill bakery are the besttttt!!!

Chocolate cakes to die for....

margyr, Oct 1, 7:15am
Hi reily, I am pleased the cake is good, I cannot take the credit for it though as I used the search box and just copy and pasted. dollmakernz (200 ) 11:57 pm, Sat 13 Feb #7 was the poster that put the recipe.

purplegoanna, Oct 6, 1:24am
just got back from windmill bakery...with a slice of their scrummy chocolate cake, $100 for a HUGE cake or $50 for a half size, the $50 one will feed 30 of us no worries with heaps to spare....thanks to all who recommended them.

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