Shortbread - Novice Baker

lyndunc, May 24, 9:09pm
Is shortbread considered an "easy" bake for someone who is re-learning how to bake things? Or is there something else else I could try - I have a new Kenwood mixer I want to try at the weekend, but would like to make something that is not likely to "fail" to get my confidence going!

gilligee, May 25, 2:07am
That is what I make the most purely because it is quick, easy and fail proof.
The only caution is that it is easy to overcook.

lyndunc, May 25, 3:53am
Thank you, will bear that in mind!

tinabops, May 25, 8:51pm
2 ways to cut shortbread.
Fun way especially for children, roll dough out to desired thickness then cut out with biscuits cutters.
Easy way. Roll dough into sausage shape then slice the desired thickness.
Either way, don't forget to prick it with a fork several times.
Yum yum good luck.

sarahb5, May 26, 1:18am
Make sure you use real butter and if you want it smooth use some cornflour as well as flour - about 2/3 flour and 1/3 cornflour. If you want it really crisp and crunchy add some fine semolina too.

lythande1, May 26, 2:55am
Easy? Failproof?
I don't know, a friend of mine, a great baker made some one weekend we were there. She said her dad said it was her best ever.

I was very disappointed, didn't tell her though. It was chewy. And quite darkish in colour.
Shortbread should not be chewy.

lilyfield, May 26, 4:46am
That depends how you like it
Personally hate the flavour of butter and eat mine happily made with marg.

lyndunc, May 26, 7:53am
I had a go at gluten free shortbread today as I can't have wheat and it turned out not too bad, although a bit crumbly, probably because I made them a bit thin and also "played" with them before letting them cool! Will try normal shortbread tomorrow. Seems an easy recipe: butter, flour, icing sugar and cornflour. I will make them a bit thicker than the ones I made today - don't know what I was thinking, recipe said 1cm, I think I must have been thinking 1mm. lol.
Anyway, the mixer is wonderful and I have cookie cutters as well, although the mixture did spread and lost a bit of shape. Mr L says they taste really nice though.
I did wonder what to do with all this baking, and then I thought the cancer society has been very good to us, so maybe could drop some off there if it is edible!

lyndunc, May 27, 3:28am
So this is what my shortbread looks like. I think I over compensated today with the size as it seemed to take forever to cook these and I am not sure they are properly cooked. As Paul Hollywood (The Great British Bake Off) says, I think they are undercooked and have a soggy bottom! Anyway, will see what they are like when they cool and I will get Mr L to do a taste test.

sarahb5, May 27, 3:59am
One tip I picked up from Great British Bake Off was to roll it out between 2 sheets of greaseproof, or one very large sheet folded in half - definitely reduces mess and easy to get consistent thickness.

korbo, May 27, 4:03am
. they look fine to me.wish i had a cutter like yours. colour is fine

lyndunc, May 27, 4:24am
Thank you and yes I did roll out between sheets of baking paper. Certainly helps. just had the taste test they seem fine - yay!

lyndunc, Sep 13, 9:04am
Oh and also Korbo, I got the cutter at the red shed (a set actually) for 98 cents - bit of a bargain if I say so myself!

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