Shortbread question

sarahb5, Aug 13, 5:15am
Is the recipe for rolled out shortbread cookies the same as for shortbread pressed into a tin and baked as one large round?

nauru, Aug 13, 7:06am
Sarahb5, I use the same recipe for both. I always use my UK Be-ro book recipe.

sarahb5, Aug 13, 7:27am
My preference is for a crumbly mixture for the big whole version - the biscuit type s a bit too smooth and buttery. I'll have to see if I can find my old recipe. The biscuits I just made are crisp and buttery - they're delicious but not what I'm wanting

harrislucinda, Aug 13, 9:56am
short bread that is rolled and cut is different to the base you make for slices which are you wanting

sarahb5, Jan 7, 1:53am
Neither - shortcake base for slices isn't shortbread because it has raising agent in it. What I'm looking for is the crumbly shortbread like the scots call petticoat tails

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