Recipe for lemonade ?

sailze, Sep 18, 10:23pm
here is recipe we found in an old recipe book , which we tried making 3-4 weeks ago

6 lemons
3 lbs sugar
4 Gals water/16 ltrs
2 Tablespoons Cream of tartar

peel lemons thinly and add with the juice to the 4 Gallons of water and bring to the boil .Take of heat and add cream of tartar leave to stand for two days the bottle into clean sterralised softdrink bottles with screw caps then put in a cool dark place for a week .
we found the longer you leave it the better it tastes we had a bottle last nite could hardy notice the fermentation taste like after the first week. and its really fizzy kids love it

andrea1978, Sep 18, 11:43pm
How do you sterilise soft drink bottles?

lemonade, Sep 18, 11:47pm
*Sticks head in and looks around.* I'm here! I heard you wanted lemonade?

ladeda, Sep 19, 12:05am
Lemonade threads everywhere!!!

To make 2l of ready to drink lemonade:

Juice of 4 lemons
Peeled rind of 2 lemons
1/4-1/2 cup sugar (or Splenda)

Boil up the rinds with a couple of hefty sprigs of mint. Drain and cool. Add to juice and top up to 2L with water and sugar. Add another sprig of mint for decoration.

sailze, Sep 19, 12:13am
sodium metabisulphate (sterilizer) most home brew suppliers will have it i got it from binn inn

bergkamp, Dec 12, 9:50pm
i have a huge lemon tree ,about 4 meters in height ....with huge lemons that just fall and rot away year round .

i tried to make lemonade with sugar years ago but found that it goes"off " rather quickly

dbab, Dec 12, 10:01pm
Lemon Cordial.
Add juice and rind of 4 lemons to 6 cups sugar and 6 cups boiling water. Stir well and add 50 gms citric acid. Strain and bottle.
My Mum used to make this when we were kids about 40 years ago.Brings back memories.
It's also nice with 1/2 lemon and 1/2 orange. I guess you could use any combination of citrus.
It's the citric acid (available from supermarkets) that stops it going off.

uli, Dec 12, 10:08pm
Is that thinned down with water for drinking dbab?

dbab, Dec 12, 10:16pm
Yep, it's a cordial. It's also refreshing with soda water when the weather's hot.

pickles7, Dec 12, 10:26pm
give your lemons away , if you cannot deal with them... pre school, Senior persons, home. Some fish and chip shops will buy them....

harrislucinda, Dec 12, 11:54pm
thatshouldhavetartaricacidin aswellwhenmadeupinbottlescanfreeze

snapit, Dec 13, 1:56am
I also have a lot of lemons and some have to be used now as a 3rd of the tree has broken off and have also given a lot away when the first third broke.
When I make a lot of syrup I freeze it in blocks of suitable size for long term storage.. Yesterday I made 5litre of cordial using the bottom recipe and have bottled it hot and sealed it for christmas pressys.
The bit that was left over I have frozen in icecube trays and will bag them and use 1 or 2 cubes in a glass of water

Lemon Cordial
Alison Holst Good Food ( Ingrid's Lemon Drink)

2 large or 3 small lemons
2 cups sugar (440g)
2 level tsp Tartaric acid
2 cups (500ml) boiling water
Halve lemons and flick out the seeds
Chop each half into about 9 pieces and put into food processor fitted with metal chopping blade, chop into pieces the size of wheat grains.
Add sugar and tartaric acid and process briefly- do not pulp the lemon
add 1 cup of the boiling water and process to dissolve sugar then add the remaining water and process briefly but watch it does not spill.
Leave to stand 12 hours -overnight .process again briefly to mix and strain through a sieve sitting over a large bowl and let drain for awhile. This gives about 2 ½ cups or 625 mls. Bottle and store in fridge. Keeps well
Use 1 part to 4 or 5 parts water according to taste. Nice as a hot or cold drink.

With the lemon remaining in the sieve, tip into the empty bowl and add 1 litres of water and allow to stand an hour or so then strain that and it is ready to drink or may need a little extra water added.
I have frozen this cordial in 350ml blocks for extra long storage and take a block and add to a 2litre jug of water to thaw. Or thaw in a suitable jug and then transfer to a suitable screwtop bottle for use as wanted.

This is a friends recipe and is more sharp and may not suit the taste of children. She uses it with her gin etc
I like it as it has a clearer flavour, and it is also nice hot.

Lemon Cordial
3 cups sugar
4 cups water
juice 6 lemons
rind 3 lemons grated
1 tbsp citric acid
stir sugar, water, grated rind and citric acid and boil for a few minutes until sugar dissolved. Add lemon juice. And cool and bottle dilute 1part -3 of water or to taste.
Instead of grating the rind I peeled it finely with a vegetable peeler and processed in batches with some of the sugarand added that to the water.(easier especially when doing multiple mix.)

snapit, Dec 13, 1:59am
bergkamp was it the cordial that is often called lemonade or is it the fizzy lemonade you wanted. The 2 I have posted are both cordials and need diluting to drink.

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