Thrawing pams flaky puff pastry??

how do i do this i wanna cook my first ever bacon and egg pie for dinner. any tips to speed up process?

Chef_medrunk, Sep 9, 4:20 pm

Is it frozen solid still? I usually leave out on the bench,however, if you are careful and do it 2-3 seconds at a time, try the microwave.

Chef_cookessentials, Sep 9, 4:22 pm

yea its still frozen solid and requires rolling out too. its quiet different to the edmonds filo pastry

Chef_medrunk, Sep 9, 4:30 pm

puff pastry diffirent to filo pastry ... ummm yes they are . like totally different eh

Chef_chef1964, Sep 9, 4:39 pm

yes, but it is fine for what you want. The other option is, if you have a fan oven, put the fan on ONLY, not the element and place the pastry in there, just on the rack to allow good air flow.

Chef_cookessentials, Sep 9, 4:48 pm

thanks heaps, i microwaved for 10secs and rolled it out. pie turned out great :)

Chef_medrunk, Sep 9, 6:37 pm

Cool...well done.

Chef_cookessentials, Sep 9, 7:28 pm