Can you refreeze bacon?


Chef_pinkhorsebabe, Sep 4, 8:04 am

Definitely not. Once meat has been frozen and defrosted its eating time. Bacon keeps wells in a clean air tight container in the fridge for at least a week from experience.

Chef_skylab6, Sep 4, 8:30 am

Yes, you can. I freeze it OK, but I split it into small portions which I can useimmediately once thawed.

Chef_nauru, Sep 4, 8:50 am

Meat can be refrozen BUT the molecular structure breaks down and so the meat is not quite so palatable.It is still safe to eat however.

Chef_gardie, Sep 4, 12:12 pm

Absolutely not unless you are happy to risk food poisoning.

Chef_buzzy110, Sep 4, 12:50 pm

Yes, done it heaps.

Chef_lythande1, Sep 4, 7:43 pm

Of course you can ! I've cooked for may family for 30 years & frozen bacon along the way. Why would you get food poisoning? Don't forget bacon is a processed meat which makes it safer anyway. The only thing I would say is that once it thaws it can become a bit watery. I make sure theres no excess liquid in the packet, if so I drain it off.

Chef_macandrosie, Sep 4, 8:19 pm

I think poster one means can you RE freeze it.So that means once it has been thawed out can it be frozen again.I always freeze my bacon after I buy it (i split a large packet into smaller portions) but once it has been thawed out I do not freeze it again.

Chef_regalgirl, Sep 4, 9:02 pm

i wouldn't recommend freezing for a 2nd time, but a good tip when freezing bacon is to roll it into curld so when you do nned it you can just grab the amount of curls you will need and it stops unnessesary defrosing so you have to over eat LOL

Chef_kob, Sep 5, 6:10 am

if you buy it in packets from the supermarket it has quite possibly already been frozen when you buy it, as it gets almost down to a frozen point for the manufacturer to slice it, when i worked in the chilled foods dept in our local supermarket the big boxes of it were often almost frozen and got told about the freezing by the manufacturer by a rep. So being as we all just about break those packs down and freeze in smaller quantities I would say #1 that it is ok to re-freeze.

Chef_margyr, Sep 5, 7:37 am

so if you then thaw and refreeze, that could be the third freezing.

Chef_nfh1, Sep 5, 10:12 am

yep. and must be ok otherwise we would all be constantly ill.

Chef_margyr, Sep 5, 10:16 am

Refreezing doesn't kill you.
If however you thawed something, then left it sitting around on the bench all day then refroze it - it would still have bacteria.
Also refreezing, and even 1st freezings, can affect the texture of the product - whatever that may be.
Some things freeze well, others don't.
Doesn't mean you can't at all, just don't leave it to rot first and be aware itcan affect the quality.

Chef_lythande1, Sep 5, 10:26 am

Oops!, didn't read it properly.No, I wouldn't refreeze it once thawed.

Chef_nauru, Sep 5, 5:43 pm

A lot of bacon has already been frozen, before we buy it. Ask if you are not sure.

Chef_sandhu, Sep 5, 7:24 pm

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