A Request Please : Raspberry and Hazelnut Cake

indy95, Jul 7, 11:25pm
I need the recipe for the Raspberry and Hazelnut Cake which is in the latest Australian Women's Weekly ( with Alison Holst on the cover. ) Would someone be prepared to post it for me please ?

fifie, Jul 7, 11:31pm
This the one your looking for. http://aww. ninemsn.com. au/article. aspx? id=782543

cookessentials, Jul 7, 11:34pm
I have my copy at home, but wont be able to post till later tonight.

indy95, Jul 7, 11:44pm
Thank you both for answering so promptly. I found the recipe straight after posting the message.

cookessentials, Jul 8, 1:06am
Murphy's Law LOL.

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