Mock whitebait fritters

used to make these yrs ago, and I don't have an Edmonds book.
Can anyone help me please

Chef_pericles, Jul 7, 2:15 pm

From an old Edmonds Cook Book

Mock Whitebait Patties:

2. 5 TBSP Flour
1 Egg
3TBSP Grated Cheese
1 Medium Sized Spud Grated
1 tsp Edmonds Baking Powder

Beat Egg, Add Flour, Milk, Cheese and Seasonings.
Add Spuddy and BP just before frying.

Fry in hot, shallow fat 5 mins on each side. Serve hot, garnished with parsley.

Chef_bob_doe_nz, Jul 7, 2:37 pm

Don't remember the cheese

Chef_pericles, Jul 7, 2:39 pm

It has not been altered at all.

Chef_pickles7, Jul 7, 2:41 pm

must be an age thing, like getting too old

Chef_pericles, Jul 7, 2:42 pm

mmmmm won't be long now and I'll see you on the river bank, with my net wearing my special whiting baiting hat... .

Chef_pickles7, Jul 7, 2:45 pm

If you'd like 'eyes' in them then just pit s teaspoon of poppyseeds in the mix :-)

The Edmonds Cookery Books didn't have cheese in these.

Chef_rog.e, Jul 7, 2:57 pm

thank you, didn't think mine had cheese in them

Chef_pericles, Jul 7, 2:58 pm

http://images. jp

Chef_bob_doe_nz, Jul 7, 3:36 pm

lol , " extreme insecurities"... . bob_doe_-
nz. . ? ? . .

Chef_pickles7, Jul 7, 3:39 pm


Chef_bob_doe_nz, Jul 7, 3:40 pm

That's a smart move bob_doe_nz, I wonder why no-one has ever (to my knowledge) put a photo of the recipe on before? Saves a lot of copying.

Chef_hezwez, Jul 7, 7:35 pm

But I posted it in post #2. All you need to do IS... copy and paste it.
If your post was sarcasm, I'm afraid I don't get it.

Then again, I have a poor sense of humour.

Chef_bob_doe_nz, Jul 7, 7:58 pm

Why would you ever want mock whitebait! You can buy the stuff for around $20 A kilo here in the whitebait season.

Chef_wayne472, Jul 7, 9:34 pm

No, I'm sure it's genuine appreciation from hezwez. I think it's a cool idea too! Sure, you can copy and paste, but the original on the page looks good. I haven't seen anyone else do that in Recipes before either. (It also proves beyond doubt that the cheese is there! )

Chef_elliehen, Jul 7, 10:57 pm

That's why I did it.

Chef_bob_doe_nz, Jul 7, 11:15 pm

Thought so... And errors can creep in to a copy and paste. Let's hope you've started a trend, or at least an interesting alternative :)

Chef_elliehen, Jul 7, 11:24 pm

very good. Thank you

Chef_pericles, Jul 8, 9:26 am

What quantity of Milk is used - The recipe doesm't specify it?

Chef_h_p_cook, Jul 12, 6:56 pm

Edmonds old recipe.

you left out the milk.

2TB milk.

i use pumpkin or carrot as well in the potato quantity to give a bit of colour and kids will eat the veges not knowing the same. Maybe finely chopped silverbeet also.

This is a recipe I got of the web:

(Makes about 8 fritters)


2 Eggs
5 Tbsp Flour
4 Tbsp Milk
1-2 Cloves Crushed Garlic
1 Cup Grated Colby Cheese

Chef_guest, May 6, 7:27 pm

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