Whirlpool Crisp N Grill Microwave recipes

Hi there - I've had my microwave for 18 months now and have done nothing in it but used the basic microwave function. Have any of you wonderful cooks got this appliance and if so what are your fav recipes? I'd love to bake in it but not sure where to start - the booklet that came with it is not helping me. Cheers for taking the time to contribute to this thread

Chef_graebalz, Jun 13, 10:58 am

This won't help you much but we have one of those and love it. Hubby can cook 2 frozen pies from go to wo in about 7 minutes on the crisp grill function. I use the Grill microwave function to heat up cottage pies and lasagnes... nice crispy top and hot all the way through... . saves heating the oven. And thats about all... I don't use it to its capacity either.

Chef_toadfish, Jun 13, 1:13 pm

Why hello there! I am wasting a day away on the computer, it's so cold here, but no snow. Wonder why we haven't discussed this before. I must tell Mr Gbalz about pies, he's just heated the oven up today for his Sunday treat!

Chef_graebalz, Jun 13, 1:34 pm

Hello back... had to cut it short as I had a neighbour at the door.

I have tried used it to cook things like sausages, patties etc but to be honest don't find its worth the clean up. It makes really nice pita pizzas, just put all your favourite toppings on a pita bread and its ready in about 3 mins. (using crisp grill). I basically uses it to preheat things... and because of the crisp grill it can be things that normally don't microwave well (like pizza & pies lol - which we don't have too much of anyway)

So I will watch this thread to see if I can use it better as well.

Heres something you didn't know about me, I had the first whirlpool crisp and grill in NZ, I won it when I was living in the UK and had to freight it back. It didn't arrive here officially till a couple of years later... I am now on my second.

Chef_toadfish, Jun 13, 2:57 pm

I am watching with interest. Living on my own, I find the crisp plate great for sausages. Much easier than the oven when you only cook 2. I didn't like chops or steak cooked that way but haven't tried the grill yet. Other than that I use it like an ordinary microwave. I should be more adventurous too.

Chef_kay141, Jun 13, 3:04 pm

same as toadfish, but kids also do oven fries in it we also use baking paper to line the plate no washing up to do

Chef_didee, Jun 13, 3:11 pm

Hi Kay141 Didee & Mrs Grae... I make individual lasagnes/cottage pies and freeze them, then if my teenage girls need to rush out before I can get dinner ready they just pull one of these out of the freezer. Approx 5 mins on a low wattage (say 350) and then 5 minutes on 650 watts with the grill going, nice and crispy on the top... so that would suit someone living on their own... Lasagne... freezer to table in 10 mins. And a fraction of the price of a commercial frozen dinner, you know whats in it and its much more filling!

I agree... . Baking paper is great on the crisp grill tray... no messy dishes.

But as you said it has all the functions of a regular microwave. . the crisp grill is just a bonus.

Chef_toadfish, Jun 13, 3:14 pm

I thought I would use it more, but I haven't had the time to experiment, I hope this thread finds some more of us with hints and tips. Love your contribution Toady

Chef_graebalz, Jun 13, 3:47 pm

I use baking paper in the oven for roast vegetables etc. but never thought of using on the crisp plate. I roast vegetables in bulk ( a very large family sized dish of potato, pumpkin, onion and kumara) and then freeze in meal sized portions. I thaw them and they crisp up nicely on the crisp plate. Quite often I add chicken drumsticks to the original mix and have a mini roast dinner.

Chef_kay141, Jun 13, 5:03 pm

I use the crisp'ngrill to do wedges and roast veg. Just peel and chop veg. (parsnip, potatoes, kumera, carrots etc) as for oven roasting, toss in a Tablespoon or 2 of oil, seasoning of your choice (I love the Tuscan seasoning) and when the crisp plate is ready (heated for 2 mins) chuck them on and cook on crisp'ngrill for 10mins, turn and cook another 10mins. Check and if needed cook for another 5 - 10 mins. Time will depend on what size you have cut veg. I do wedges the same way, just cut potato into wedges and use garlic salt or general purpose seasoning. Yummy crunchy and so easy!

Chef_herself, Jun 13, 5:09 pm

Roast vegetables are awesome in it, and you can cook a brilliant breakfast for one on the crisp plate - bacon &tomatoes around the outside and eggs in the middle - no fuss and easy cleanup. Brilliant for cooking those lasagnes & toppas you buy frozen in trays - no soggy breadcrumbs and piping hot filling. We're onto our second one & wouldn't consider any other kind of microwave. Oh yeah - great for chips too.

Chef_willow123, Jun 14, 5:52 pm

This is awesome thanks, I'm beginning to look at my M/W in a whole new light!

Chef_graebalz, Jun 14, 9:37 pm

I cooked agria spuds whole in the crockpot. The next day I cooked the extras spuds on the browning plate and the yummy potato skins came out crispy like when you buy the baked potatoes. YUM! We had ham/cheese sour cream and chilli sauce on the spuds. Enjoy

Chef_julala5, Jun 15, 6:34 pm

I reheated up the roasties from last night in the m/w tonight, I didn't know if i should use crisp or grill so alternated between the two, they weren't crisp but then were yummy!

Chef_graebalz, Jun 16, 9:29 pm

I know Joy Peel who wrote this recipe Book for Crisp and Grills.
She is a master of the machines and is employed by Crisp and Grill to demonstrate them. .
Heres the link to her website
http://www.publishme.co.nz/shop/index. php? main_page=product_

Chef_carbon_trader, Jun 16, 9:33 pm

I have the latest Crisp'n Grill Microwave, just love it. Had one before and then an LG... ... . . back to the Whirpool again and cook biscuits, puddings, cakes etc so much faster. Steam vegies andwhole apples, wouldn't be without it. I have the Joy Peel cookbook too.

Chef_worrit, Jun 23, 2:14 pm

Its Hot outside, 33 deg C. off to the pool in a mo.

Just got my new whirpool BUT..

Anyone know of a book that tells us how to use the CRISP funcion?
I.e. chips
Potatoes etc..

Email arturosoriamad at g mail dot com
Thanks folks

Chef_guest, Jul 8, 1:57 am

Hi just on here for the first time. I have two whirlpool microwaves and use them all the time. As someone said, breakfast is so easy to cook, tomatoes first, then bacon and then eggs, I find the plate has to be nice and hot for the eggs and cook for one minute on crisp and then short amounts it is very easy to overcook your eggs.
What I as going to tell you about was roasting chickens. A thawed, dry chicken with paper towel and rub some oil over and season, garlic or whatever seasoning you like salt pepper.
Heat your plate and put you chicken in microwave. If you have a size 16 cook it for sixteen minutes on crisp then turn and cook another sixteen minutes on other side. If size 12 cook 12 minutes.

Chef_affro, Jul 11, 8:44 am

Thanks affro, I was looking for Roast Chicken info. Unfortunately the box the microwave comes in has great ideas about cooking roasts etc but no info on how to actually cook them!

Chef_stevie, Sep 24, 1:17 pm

Hi everyone what a wonderful site! I too have one of the latest whirlpool crisp n grills and like most of you have been frustrated at the lack of info that comes with it. I even rang whirlpool in Australia and told them of the pathetic pamplets that accompanied the mw. They wern't much help either. They promised to send a proper cooking book but that never happened. There is a manual you can down load but I found I couldnt get my head around that either. Consequently it has sat in storage for a year and now I have decided to give it a second chance. - $700 worth!!!
Apparently the Joy Peel nz cook book is good. cheers for now Kaye

Chef_guest, Mar 25, 12:08 am

can't find the Joy Peel book - anyone know where to find one?
The ""info"" you receive with this product is woefully inadequate reducing it to little more than an average microwave as all the you beaut features that sold me on it are a total mystery to me.

A call to Whirlpool was put through to the dreaded OS call centre who promised more info - if they have more info why don't they include it when you purchase it??

At this stage I really regret buying it.

Chef_sue_q, May 29, 4:10 pm

I'm ordering a different model today (JT369) because it seems to be the only convection/microwave which didn't get a stack of negative comments. (The VT266 is too small for me).

I ordered the Joy Peel book last night and it is already in transit - ordered it here:


Postage was NZ$10 to Australia and all up there was change out of AUS$30.

Hopefully it wont be too difficult to modify the recipes for the JT369 which is 1000W.

Chef_guest, May 31, 2:50 pm

I absolutely love my whirlpool crisp function. Use it all the time for roasts (for 2 or 3 people) and they are better than when done traditionally. Also does great tarts, goat cheese, zucchcini, pizza style, whatever.
But has anyone out their been using silicone ware in it.? I'm a bit nervous as need to use crisp function for most of what I do (muffins for example). Love to know. Our oven is a terrifying commercial and old gas oven so our whirlpool is the best investment ever.

Chef_helen, Jun 4, 4:07 am

Just got my Crisp & Grill. Cooked a frozen pie. Many people say how good it is but no one actually said what to do.
Here is what I did.
1. Heat Plate with crisp for 2 mins
2. Put Frozen Pie top down on plate and crisp for 2 minutes.
3. Turn Pie over so top is now facing top and crisp for a further 2 minutes.

THE BEST Cooked pie I have ever had! The pastry was crisp all around and the pie inside was just at the right temperature. no more soggy pies for me

Chef_guest, Jun 20, 6:41 pm

I have baked a carrot cake using the silicon pan - seemed to go well.

Chef_chef_jack, Jun 20, 6:43 pm

Hi Everyone I totally agree with everyone, FRUSTRATION! I was given one for xmax 2010 but the pathetic bits of infomation they include are hopeless. I too, rang Whirlpool Aus they promised me a full book as well but of course it never arrived. I downloaded the manual but totally agree with one of you I couldnt get my head around it either. The MW sat in my office for 14 months not used. This was until I was told by someone on internet about the fabulous Joy Peel cook book. (She is a NZr I am not sure if everyone knows that and she demonstrates them). From the moment I bought the book I was away It was like I had seen the Light ha ha. From Kaye Dunedin

Chef_guest, Jun 21, 10:46 pm

I bought one on the Gold Coast (Qld), they gave me a basic printed set of recipes at the store, but I also can go to a free cooking class, have booked to go on the 13th.July, will let you know how it all goes.

Chef_guest, Jul 6, 1:49 pm

Hi What function do you use to cook cakes and for how long?
I have just moved into a villa and the stove doesn't work so the crisp and grill is all I have.
All the posts have been very helpful, thank you

Chef_guest-_mrs_waggy, Jul 10, 10:28 pm

Just checking
I have just bought my new whirlpool.. do you just heat the grill pan for 3 minutes on its own? I find the instructions sketchy
Please post reply on site Thanks : )

Chef_wendy, Jul 14, 9:23 pm

We have our whirlpool for less than a year and not a day goes past without us using it. We usually buy extra bananas and make 4-5 banana and then freeze them and take out when we need them. The cakes only take a bout 7 -8 monutes but then that depends on the size you are making of course.We did 3 Xmas meats in it on Xmas day for the family and boy did it save a lot of time and the meat was juicy.Frozen pies are done in 5- 6 minutes from freezer, pork chops we pre-heat for 3 minutes then usually 5 minutes average to cook depending on how you like it of course. This would be the best purchase we have ever made and there is usually baking done here now once a week cos it is so damn fast and convenient. The only down side is the follow up service as I rung the call centre about something and it went to the Philipines and still 2 months later have not heard anything but the product itself is awesome. Yes we have a Joy Peel cookbook and found it helpful and were lucky enough to meet her and her husband at a instore demo and they showed us heaps.

Chef_peter, Jul 28, 10:59 pm

Buy Joy Peel;s book, it is great and I am no cook. Cooks great choc chip biscuits in 31/2 mins, and don't have to watch them like the oven, just don't put one in the centre. Banana cake in silicon tin 7 mins, and I just used my normal cakes and biscuit receipes. And I'm not a cook, don't like cooking but have enjoyed microwave as it so easy. Roast veges on Crisp tray brilliant. I have a roast pork out tonight and just trying to decide whether to give it a go, and if I could use an oven bag to prevent splattering of fat.

Chef_guest, Aug 7, 8:55 am

We have also bought a Whirlpool from Harvey Nomans in Christchurch. We dont know how to use it, totally agree with everyone when they say the instructions are hopeless to say the least. What is the point of having all the functions when nothing is explained. As of today, think it was a complete waste of money but will try and get my hands on the Joy Peel cookbook. If cant get the book its either going to be a microwave or goes back in the box.

Chef_louise_-_christc, Aug 7, 2:37 pm

Hi Ladies. I am Joy Peel wanting to agree with you all re the instructions and user guide of this wonderful, amazing crisp n grill machine. I have been cooking baking roasting etc in mine for 12 odd years and it was't long after the start that I realised a recipe book was necessary.
The book has proved to be very helpful and if you would like to purchase a book our email is bradfordway@ihug.co.nz. We would love to hear from you if you need any help.

Chef_joy, Sep 26, 3:15 pm

I want a joy peel cook book, any one know how I can get one.Ive only just got mine and I love it but not sure on times etc.the booklet they give you with it is useless my email is toobootz@slingshot.co.nz thanks Jan

Chef_guest, Nov 24, 9:51 pm

Hi just wondering whether I can use metal cake tins using th crisp function or do I have to use silicone?

Chef_myrosecat, Jan 8, 2:07 pm

I am on my second Whirpool combi and shocked to find they still dont listen to the consumers about the user manual (pathetic) amount of instructions. Also NO preheat function (fan bake) on the JT369 SHAME as that was the best feature on my old one.I have just got the crisp cake plate but can find no recipes :-(

Chef_guest, Apr 12, 10:39 am

so how about we start a website/wiki with recipes for the crisp/steam/etc functions of these wonderful machines? Anyone interested?

Chef_guest, May 2, 10:13 am

so how about we start a website/wiki with recipes for the crisp/steam/etc functions of these wonderful machines? Anyone interested?

Chef_just_do_it, May 2, 10:13 am

Whirlpool have recently put out a nicely organized cook book for the Crisp n Grill microwave which is free to download. It includes lots of information on how to use your Crisp n Grill microwave as well as lots of recipes that don't cost a lot to make. In the Google Search type: whirlpool crisp n grill recipes.

Chef_guest, Aug 26, 2:53 pm

The following link should take you to the list of crisp n grill microwave recipes by Whirlpool


Chef_guest, Aug 26, 3:59 pm

I have the free copy of the Crisp n Grill cookbook. It's fantastic! There's even a section on how to adapt your own recipes. There are several ways to get it but this works for me: In the Google Search type: Whirlpool (I FU) - Australia then click on INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE (I FU) Australia.
In the left hand list click "microwaves" then then "Free Standing". Find the Cookbook that relates to your microwave and click to download. Be sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader as this is a PDF file.

Chef_ravin, Aug 31, 12:17 pm

Hi All,
Just purchased the JT369 today to use while we renovate our kitchen (yeeha finally!!)
I am a complete novice so finding this site was a nice surprise.
We tested heating 2 frozen meat pies. I sort of followed the tips in an earlier post on here, Thanx :-)
This is what I did....
Pre-heated crisp tray for 2 mins
Placed pies upside down on tray and heated with crisp function for 3 minutes. Then turned pies right way up and heated for a further 3.5 mins. (was worried I might over cook so little steps).
When we tested, pies were still frozen in the centre.
So then we placed pies upside down again and heated on crisp for a further 3 mins, then turned right way up for a further 2 mins.
This worked okay, although probably could have had another min or two?? They were warm enough to eat comfortably although a little unevenly heated through?
Does anyone know if these times sound close to correct? I have nothing to guage times on yet and hope that my Chef is heating at correct temp
Or did I do something wrong?? :-)

Chef_kim, Feb 7, 3:06 am

Hi All,

Just to let you know the Facebook page "I Love My Whirlpool Crisp and Grill Microwave" is now up and running. Lot of helpful hints, recipes and a place to ask questions of the experts. Just click the link below and like the page :-)


Also the Whirlpool Crisp and Grill Microwave Cookbook is now available on E-bay.

Oven results in Microwave time. The amazing Whirlpool microwave can crisp, grill and fry and there is now a recipe book available to help you create wonderful meals, cakes, deserts and so much more. There are over 100 recipes, full colour with pictures and gloss pages. A must have for anyone that owns a Whirlpool Crisp and Grill Microwave. Written by Angela Gurrin who has worked with Whirlpool for over 20 years and runs cooking classes for the microwave.

Just click the link below:


Chef_i_love_my_whirlp, Feb 7, 12:38 pm


Download files

2 x cookbooks,1 instruction & 1 quick reference guide

Chef_guest, Feb 14, 1:22 pm

Going to put this arictle to good use now.

Chef_guest, Jan 11, 11:02 pm

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Chef_guest, Jan 14, 2:49 am

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Chef_guest, Jan 14, 10:59 pm

Hardly use mine as a microwave. Sold the oven and only use the crisp n grill. Brilliant

Chef_olddog131, Feb 18, 5:26 pm