Chocolate cake

big_marcos, May 29, 9:08pm
cant believe i cant find a nice reciepe for a simple chocolate cakei n here. Any one here got a reciepe they want to share

luckyduck, May 29, 9:19pm
Choccy Cake ( Very Moist) Boatboys... . .
Yield: 1 Batch Ingredients 2 cups Sugar, 1 3/4 cups Flour, 3/4 cup Cocoa, 2 only Eggs, 1 1/2 tsp Baking soda, 1 tsp Salt, 1 1/2 tsp Baking powder, 1/2 cup Oil, 1 cup Milk, 2 tsp Vanilla essence. Procedure 1. Mix together. 2. Add 1 cup boiling water. 3. Will be really runny, don't panic. 4. Bake 180 35-45 mins. 5. Super moist and yum. Courtesy of Boatboy. An excellent cake! !

cookessentials, May 29, 9:34pm
chocolate thread

cookessentials, May 29, 9:34pm
or "cakes thread"

big_marcos, May 29, 11:31pm
in the recipe you say "2 only eggs" you just mean 2 eggs not yolks or whites only ah luckyduck

luckyduck, May 30, 12:32am
Hi, its two whole eggs. Sorry, I cut and pasted this recipe but I have made it heaps of times and it is a real winner.

tich50, Jun 1, 8:04am

fiveeggs, seperatewhites. whipwhitestillstiff.
add1andhalfcupsofcastorsugarinwithegg yolksandmix.

addlcupofwaterandhalfcupofoil. mixthoroughly.
seperatebowl, sift2cupsflour minus2tbspofflour. add2tspbakingpowderand3tbspofcocoa. siftandmixwithwetingredients. foldineggwhites.

ibakemineinasquarecaketin. bakefor50minutesina180 degreesoven.

meltacadburyslabchocwithhalf atinofreducedcream.


tich50, Jun 1, 9:26am
correction - post #7shouldreadself raisingflour.

pat56, Jun 1, 10:54pm
Woahhh, 2 cups sugar! ! ! !

indy95, Jun 1, 11:17pm
I wondered about the large quantity of sugar in this recipe but as there is 3/4 cup of cocoa in there as well you do need quite a lot. I cut the sugar by half a cup when I made this cake and it was enough as I also iced it.

If you use a good quality dark cocoa most recipes will need a substantial quantity of sugar to offset the bitterness of the cocoa.

marcs, Jun 1, 11:54pm
Boatboys cake is very nice. Makes a large cake however or 2 doz muffins as I recently discovered.

sewer51, Jun 3, 3:38am
i make the the 1234 cake. 1 egg whiske3d, 4 tbs sr flour, 4 tbs sugar, 3 tbs, milk, 3tbs oil, 2tbs cocoa, , bake 3 mins in miacrowave, ice when cold

lespat, Jun 4, 5:07am
Just wondering. Are temps & cooking times for fan ovens which nearly all are these days.

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