Egg and Celery Salad

jofes, Dec 22, 9:37pm
My grandaughter has asked so kindly if I could make a egg and celery salad for Xmas bbq. The one I buy seems to have a different mayonnaise than usual. Does anyone have a nice recipe for this please. Merry Xmas :)

unknowndisorder, Dec 23, 4:33am
Have you managed to find anything? MErry Xmas to you, too :)

pickles7, Dec 24, 3:52am
We dressed our egg and celery salad with, a sour cream and mayo dressing. It was very popular. Thin it down with a little milk if it is too thick.

petal1955, Nov 12, 10:40pm
Mix Best foods Mayo with some fresh cream, sour cream Dijon mustard and a little curry powder to make a lovely dressing for your egg and celery Salad

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