Cake in a cup

sue164, Oct 15, 8:31pm
Any recipe for making a small microwave cake in a cup. ?

wheelz, Oct 15, 8:40pm

docsportello, Oct 16, 12:45am
Yeah you can buy them in sachets from Edmonds. Just add 40ml of milk.

calista, Oct 18, 7:39am
I found a lovely carrot cake one by googling "cake in a mug", but lost it when I changed computers.

wasala, Dec 14, 2:19am
Ooh yes, I second this recipe. My 19-year-old son was buying those store-bought ones for himself, but they have a pretty weird taste and when I made him one of these, he was in heaven. It's surprising how loving he can be towards his old mum now. One day I'll teach him to make it for himself!

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