Fresh ideas for easily prepared lunches please?

rebecca18, Feb 6, 11:03pm
I would really like some fresh suggestions for easily prepared lunches for one person. The lunch is prepared the same day it is eaten, just prior to being eaten. It could be cooked or uncooked. I do not eat chicken, but apart from that I enjoy most foods. My diet does not exclude meat but it is certainly not eaten every day, sometimes only once a week. I enjoy fish, not keen on wraps. The food is prepared by someone other than myself. If you need any further info please don't hesitate to ask. Thank you.
Additional info: weight loss is not part of the picture, in fact, I would very much like to increase my weight.

jan2242, Feb 6, 11:10pm
Egg salad? Boiled eggs, may, lettuce, tomato etc what ever you want to ut in it. Winter is easier as you can have soup.

rebecca18, Feb 6, 11:18pm
Thanks Jan2242. This kind of salad is what I have been resorting to and although I enjoy it I would like to eat a lot more variety. I've always enjoyed food and creating new things but I can no longer cook for myself and coming up with ideas every day is difficult, it has become a real chore, not something I enjoy doing any more, much to my sadness.

pickles7, Feb 6, 11:50pm
A protein shake. Add what ever you wish.

frances1266, Feb 7, 12:42am
Asparagus rolls, hummus & rice crackers, grated carrot, dates or sunflower seeds & mayo sandwiches, cucumber sandwiches.

lythande1, Feb 7, 12:54am
Leftovers? Pasta? Rice dishes?
A roast vege salad?

rebecca18, Feb 7, 3:09am
It is the "… what ever you wish" that is the problem pickles7.

245sam, Feb 7, 4:07am
rebecca18, after being the poster yesterday of your recipe for Bliss Ball/Unsweetened Apricot and Date Balls with Brazil Nuts, I'm sorry to read that you are no longer able to cook for yourself.

Most days I have to think of something for just me for lunch as my husband has his lunch at work, so I'm wondering if one of my quick and easy options would appeal to you.
noodles (I use either the Highmark Ribbon Cut Egg Noodles or 2 Minute Noodles but not the flavour sachet) and to the cooked noodles I add a small can of tuna (depending on what, if anything else, I'm adding I use either 'in spring water, drained' or a flavoured option).
Depending on what's handy, additions can be e.g. leftover or freshly cooked vegetables (tomatoes are an easy option at this time of the year), grated cheese, cottage cheese, chopped hard-cooked egg, herbs (parsley, chives or whatever is available and blends with everything else), lemon juice and any seasoning to taste, and of course if you're wanting some crunch, some seeds of choice could be added.

I hope that helps. It's something that is easily prepared and hopefully different for you to enjoy. :-))

rebecca18, Feb 7, 4:18am
Thank you 245sam for your kind thoughts. I will indeed try your noodle melange, it sounds easily prepared and assembled, thank you. Do you have any ideas for hot food? I'm assuming your noodle mixture is cold, but I guess it could be just as easily warm?

245sam, Feb 7, 4:48am
You're most welcome rebecca18, when I have the noodle mixture it's usually warm from cooking the noodles which I do in the serving bowl in the microwave - 6 minutes for the Highmark Noodles and obviously only 2 minutes for the 2 Minute Noodles!. If I fancy it being hotter/warmer and depending on what I have added I have given the completed mixture a quick zap in the microwave, but usually the mix is, I guess you could say, lukewarm.
Couscous is another quick and easy option that can have whatever you fancy, and have on hand, added to it in much the same way as the noodles.
For something that is hot I sometimes make 'my version' of macaroni cheese - no way is it traditional and probably not 'proper' macaroni cheese but it suits me fine and is butterless plus I use Edam cheese - I don't want to be gaining weight but neither do my oncologists want me to be losing it!

I simply cook pasta in the microwave and then save 1 cup of the cooking water to make a quick easy sauce with that cooking water and cornflour, trim milk powder, seasonings (salt, pepper, cayenne, mustard) and the cheese. I don't salt the water when cooking the pasta because I did once, then used the water for the sauce and it was too salty.

Hope that helps. :-))

maisy1, Feb 11, 6:37am
Do you like rice pudding? I have a rice cooker and make it in that (as well as regular rice). This can be kept warm for some time and eaten when you're ready. It's lovely made with coconut cream and served with canned or fresh fruit (canned mango's are nice).

karrie3, Feb 18, 3:14pm
What about a crust less quiche? I’ve never made one but have eaten my fair share. they are supposed to be quick and easy to cook and can be eaten cold, warm or hot. Apart from the eggs, use up whatever ingredients you like: bacon ham cheese onion courgettes spinach or other veg etc
I also liketoast with poached eggs, baked beans, mashed avocado with cheese and tomato, or toasties with cheese and onion, tuna etc
If this is your main meal what about a stir fry with meat ( if it’s your meat day) and lots of crunchy veg. Use a flavour sachet or make your own with spices and herbs

karrie3, Feb 18, 3:26pm
If you like fish, what about home made fish n chips? Either frozen fillets (lemon crumbed is nice) or fresh fillet which is nice cooked with butter and lemon juice in tinfoil in the oven. Oven fries take about 15 mins so ready at the same time. You could add an egg, salad or other veg
Another lunch I enjoy is fresh corn, quick easy and cheap! 3 mine in the m’wave, cut in 3 with plenty of butter, cost 80c!
And if you don’t need to lose weight there are lots of yummy puddings eg fruit with custard

uli, Feb 18, 9:22pm
I often eat leftovers from dinner for lunch, while everyone else is dining out on bread with various toppings.

So if you have some fish or meat and veges leftover you can eat that hot or cold, maybe with a few leaves of green salad or a tomato or cucumber cut up and an egg or two boiled or fried in butter.

Todays lunch here will be a frittata with all the little bits of leftovers from last night: so it will be eggs of course and a few spoonfuls of cooked pak choi, a bit of rice and some peas, I will add a fresh onion and some finely cut slices of bacon, then if that is not enough I still have a few corn cobs that can be stripped and added. I never add flour, but of course you can if you like.

I usually start this in a stainless fry pan on the stove top then add some grated cheese on top and finish it in the oven (do not do that if your fry pan has a plastic handle!)

And if you want to put on weight why not eat your eggs with some mayo or Tartare sauce or fry them in butter or add some extra olive oil to your salads or cream to your veges and extra butter on the corn or steamed potatoes.

Good luck with your new lunches.

uli, Mar 4, 6:35am
How are you going with your lunches?

baalamb, Oct 16, 5:00pm
What about homemade pizza? Our current favourite is chicken with a blue cheese sauce. You could substitute any meat for chicken, since you dont eat it. Or just use a mixture of veges - mushrooms, tomato, onion etc.
We make the cheese sauce base for the pizza, but have also used the same basic sauce in lasagnes etc, so you have something like a lasagne the previous night, and hold back some of the sauce for pizza the next day.

Lol edited when I realised 'ant' meat didnt sound so appealling

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