Too much chilli

fiddles3, Jun 10, 1:39am
in my pumpkin soup. Any ideas on how to tone it down a bit!

samanya, Jun 10, 2:10am
cream/coconut cream, maybe?

davidt4, Jun 10, 2:12am
Add a grated raw potato, check the balance of flavour and think about whether you could add more salt or acid to balance out the chilli.

If appropriate you could make another batch of the same soup but without chilli, combine the two batches, freeze half.

rainrain1, Jun 10, 4:11am
Coconut cream or chicken stock or a bit of both

uli, Jun 10, 5:27am
Coconut cream is better than cow cream to absorb it!

awoftam, Sep 2, 5:07pm
If it 'absorbs it' you will still eat it tho. nothing will effectively neutralise it as far as I know, apart from dilution.

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