Easy to make pumpkin soup please

walker18, Mar 26, 10:52am
I am not very keen on curry

gennie, Mar 27, 2:24am
You can do what you want for pumpkin soup. My easiest version would be peel and cut up pumpkin into smallish pieces. Cover in water. Add some salt and spices to taste (mixed spice good). Boil until pumpkin soft. Puree (eg food processor, hand whiz thingee etc).

I will often put a whole pumpkin in the oven to cook while I am cooking something else. Then peel/de-seed. Whizz up to a puree with some water in a food processor. Bag and freeze. Then can be used to make pumpkin risotto or can turn into pumpkin soup (add more liquid like chicken stock, vegie stock, water, salt, and spices to taste.

fifie, Mar 27, 2:46am
Lots of recipes around, my fav at the moment is zap a big grey pumpkin 15 mins ( makes it easy to cut) de seed cut into chunks roast @ 180c with 3 onions cut into chunks, and 3 garlic bulbs skin on. Cool cut skin off, pan fry 6 rashers bacon, squeeze out all garlic put all in food processor. I add tsp curry powder don’t have to, blend with 2-3 litres chicken stock in batches till u get the thickness you like. Freezes well.l

sarahb5, Mar 28, 6:59am
My easiest is to sprinkle with cumin and coriander then roast with a halved onion until soft. Purée pumpkin and onion then add chicken or vegetable stock and/or coconut milk until you get the consistency you want. If you like it spicy add sweet chilli sauce to taste.

jallen2, Mar 31, 2:13am
I cut up the pumpkin into small pieces and put in a pot with a good pinch of salt.
Add an onion (finely chopped) and or garlic and a tsp of mustard. Then add chicken stock and cook as if you were boiling potatoes.
Once cooked, use a stick blender then add whatever flavours you like.
IE. Paprika, nutmeg, some finely chopped herbs etc.
Adding a can of creamed corn to pumpkin soup makes a nice change and gives it a little texture. I also like Worcestershire sauce in mine, and cream or butter to give it a nice silky feel in your mouth.

kamo63, Mar 31, 5:09am
and a can of tomatoes. makes the difference

kindajojo, Mar 31, 5:51am
Fry up red onions add lots of pumpkin a potatoe and a kumara , this will add a bit of thickness, chicken stock boil until pumpkin soft . blend . add seasoning and a sweet chili sauce to your taste

Secret is to get a nice orange non watery pumpkin with good flavour.

If you want to add extra flavour roast all the vegetables first and add in some roast garlic then boil and blend.

punkinthefirst, Mar 31, 7:42pm
Peel a good dry supermarket squash (those small round dark ones) Cut it up and deseed it. Put it in a large pot with a couple of chopped onions and cover with beef stock Bring to the boil, and simmer til tender. Now. the only hard part. drain, reserving the stock, mash the pumpkin and sieve it, or blend, or put it through a food processor then sieve it (it has to be absolutely lump-free). Mix with the stock. Yum. To make Cream of Pumpkin, add a thin well made white sauce - up to equal quantities. Correct the seasoning before serving. You can add other herbs and spices as you wish.

glynsmum, Mar 31, 8:32pm
Great ideas----Now the big Question how do you peel the pumpkin,cook first or struggle please?

harrislucinda, Mar 31, 9:04pm
i struggle might try cooking a little first next time

sarahb5, Apr 1, 1:50am
I roast mine with the skin on then scrape it off

sellontrademe, Apr 1, 6:04am
Roasted pumpkin gives a much better flavour in soup by a long shot, soften onions, carrots and celery, add loads of stock and roasted pumpkin with the skin removed, simmer for a while and puree. Season. Enjoy.

twindizzy, Apr 16, 4:31am
curry powder
chicken stock
chili powder

lilyfield, Oct 3, 6:46am

No need to peel it for soup. The liquidizer will take care of it, you will never notice the difference

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