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valentino, Mar 21, 9:12pm

fifie, Mar 21, 9:21pm
Mmm each to their own, i like a dash of cream in mine for fluffy creamy eggs. Secret is to not over cook,

valentino, Mar 21, 11:17pm
Yeah, that is what that Chef noted in that item above.

socram, Mar 22, 12:17am
Agree with not adding anything. I just put a lot of butter in the pan on a medium heat, add the eggs UNBROKEN - ie with yolks intact.

Turn the heat down, stir the whites only with a wooden spoon and leave the yolks whole until the whites are almost set. Then and only then, break the yolks, stir for a few seconds only and serve whilst the eggs are still moist. Add salt afterwards to individual taste.

Yes, it is all about the eggs - and Lurpak butter!.

lythande1, Mar 22, 12:18am
I am not. I prefer the milk in it. I stir how I like, and sometimes I even mix it, then microwave it - shock, horror.
Actually they tend to fluff more in the microwave. I put cheese in them too.

doggitt, Mar 22, 12:57am
Microwaved scrambled eggs are the best. Surprising, I would not of believed it but someone made me breakfast once and I complimented her scrambled eggs and she revealed they were microwaved!

veejay13, Mar 22, 1:26am
Very similar to me. Who does this chef think he is, telling us how we've got to do our eggs lol. I know how I like mine and that's the way I'm going to carry on doing them!

awoftam, Mar 22, 2:37am
According to the chef Bourdain I am actually doing them correctly. however each to his own, and who cares?

norse_westie, Mar 22, 2:43am
I microwave mine. The kids have that or omelette every morning.

jimgammy, Mar 22, 3:10am
I like mine softly scrambled with a dash of milk some salt and a good crackling of pepper then cooked in nutty brown butter.

buzzy110, Mar 22, 3:16am
Definitely going to try this way next time I do scrambled eggs.

valentino, Mar 22, 4:41am
Okay, interesting comments, the method I use all the time and I use a Murray S/S Copper-Based Saucepan with the S/S Lid (only about 50 years old) Blend about 3 eggs with some milk (about 1/3 to 1/2 cup) a good dollop of butter and a pinch of salt with a stick blender. On low heat fully covered with the lid for about 20 to 30 minutes, lift the lid and put a spoon in to feel the bottom (hopefully not sticking) and check on doneness.

Once cooked throughout, serve with a saucer or a nice medium ladle or a large spoon, very yummy on Toasts. Can add chopped onion as an option prior to cooking too.


veejay13, Mar 22, 5:42am
valentino, do you really mean 20 to 30 minutes? That sounds like a very long time to cook eggs. unless (and quite possibly) I'm misunderstanding something here.

annies3, Mar 22, 6:46am
Love those pots ! my brother gave us a set for a wedding present 55 years ago and I recently passed them on to a granddaughter.

amasser, Mar 22, 7:10am
Yes. I'm eating them.

valentino, Mar 22, 7:34am
Yes, Smaller amount is quicker but yeah, done very slowly and untouched, just do it and leave it but keep the odd sniff (from a close distance) going.

Like doing an egg type sponge, lol but just to give an indication how it is cooked though, very light and moist and very nice to my taste.

As someone else noted, these pots are great and is ideal to use for this, they are really special and does a great cook. The lids actually seals too when off the heat.


timturtle, Mar 22, 9:11am
I use the microwave recipe with milk, whisk eggs and milk then, zap 1 minute whisk then nuke another 30 sec or so until almost done then add chopped parsley whisk again and serve up on a plate, add a small amount of grated cheese on top and a sliced tomato on the side. Even better that I live in the city and have 4 hens and know what they are feed.

Each to their I guess

coolnzmum, Mar 22, 8:18pm
Decided to try this way this morning. Cooked four eggs, was very quick and easy. Eggs come out perfect, will test it on hubby who normally is the breakfast cook in our house.

socram, Mar 22, 8:31pm
Glad it worked, but with eggs, very much a personal thing!

I was relief cook for an officer's mess many, many years ago, serving breakfast when the staff had their 45 minute meal break. For fried eggs alone, it was a case of waiting for the staff to come down the drive, then you added the eggs to a massive frying pan and cooked them according to the individual staff heading your way and they varied day by day according to their shifts! Total nightmare.

I would go as far as to say that in any café, (canteen or mess) a cooked breakfast is the toughest of all meals, as customer tastes vary so much. For that reason alone, I never order scrambled eggs, but stick to lightly poached.

muffin2, Mar 22, 9:33pm
well my recipe for years has been
2 eggs lightly whisked
about 2-3T milk
big knob of butter

put butter in a saucepan on med heat, when melted add eggs and milk and stir so the eggs don't set completely - serve them slightly runny

I add pepper to them at the end when serving and I always serve them on hot buttered toast with vegemite / marmite on and I put tomato sauce on top of the eggs - personal taste

I used to have this nearly every sunday morning. it was a good hang over cure!

figjamto, Mar 25, 11:31pm
I find Gordon Ramsey's recipe for scrambled eggs, simply the best, together with lightly toasted croissant and smoked salmon. always do it on Christmas morning. lovely

slimgym, Mar 26, 7:26pm
45min break certainly wasn't at the 800 man mess

coolnzmum, Mar 26, 8:01pm
socram my husband enjoyed them too when I tried them out with him as well. Said you got a better egg taste. Definitely a quicker way to cook them. Because they start setting quickly I'll probably break into a bowl first and pour into pan.

buzzy110, Mar 26, 11:50pm
I had scrambled eggs done your way with ghee (didn't have any Lurpak). I was very impressed. Thank you for the recipe. I'll be cooking my scrambled eggs this way forever now.

valentino, Mar 27, 12:45am
Eggs scrambled is eggs scrambled no matter how you scramble them but I also love my eggs whole whether soft or hard boiled, shallow pan fried in whatever, or poached in water etc where all the eggs are either nice and hot with that gorgeous runny hot yolk running through thy mouth is something I love. Eggs where the yellows are cooked through are dryish including hard - boiled eggs though those I have at times too especially if mixing the dry yolk with something else like a little bit of nice creamy mayo and some nice seasoning and/or herbs then put back in with that White part where the yolk came from.

The bottom line is whites are whites cooked, the yolks to how I love them - Moist, Runny and tasting or as in my scrambling, totally moist that simply just slides through my own self, YUM !

Most probably why I love Lemon Honey or Curd, it is smooth and moist and very nice in the right portions.


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